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BookCrossing's Makeover: ongoing fixes and changes

December 15, 2018
A whole lot has happened in the last 30 days! In case you've already forgotten, halfway through November, Reno announced a big site makeover, that would make the website much more suitable for mobile devices. And very soon, we were all greeted by a fresh new look!

Of course, there were some teething troubles to overcome, and adjustments to be made. And you helped us out with that. After all, no one is as familiar with the way the site functions as you, the members! So we got a lot of feedback, and it helped us figure out what needed doing.

Here are some of the fixes and adjustments that Reno implemented for us:
- Colour adjustments: the bright blue text was dimmed to a mild and friendly version, and we even got the option to use a light grey theme (Putty Theme; see the very bottom of the page).
- Titles of forum threads with unread replies in them are now darker grey and easier to spot!
- Problems with journal entries were repaired: we can edit or delete journal entries again, and add pictures to them.
- The images of store-bought prenumbered bookplates now appear on book's journal pages again, and can be clicked to enlarge them, and to buy them if we like them! Boy, we sure missed that feature.
- As of today, the free downloadable label sheets are accessible to members without Wings again.
- And just now, Reno made it so that people can see your Wish List again even if they're not a member. That might come in handy for the upcoming holidays!

There are still things left on the To-Do list. And there are also exciting new changes in the works. So for the next year, we can all look forward to a site that keeps improving, evolving, and moving towards the future.

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