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News from the Store: we're going green!

October 22, 2018
Here's what awaits you if you make a Supply Store order now: eco-friendly cardboard envelopes. We are trying out new packaging options, because we want to start using less plastic. After all, there is no Planet B, so we'd better take good care of the one we have!

The envelopes we are currently testing are made from cardboard; most of the material that went into them is made from used paper. And the envelopes are fully recyclable themselves. The stickers that we label them with are made from paper as well, so there is no need to remove them.

You may still get your order in a plastic envelope if it's so small that using a cardboard envelope would put it in a different postage rate tier. But that's pretty rare and all other orders will be sent out in cardboard for now.

If your supplies are fragile (think: jewellery) you may find them wrapped in protective plastic foam. That foam is salvaged from previous use. Just so you know.

After we run out of cardboard envelopes, we will evaluate the pros and cons and decide on the best way forward. So if you have a strong opinion either way, please post it here, because we welcome your feedback. Especially if you got your supplies in one of the cardboard envelopes!

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