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Your Wish is Our Command; More on Book Aid

February 24, 2005
Many of you have cried "More!" after our announcement in the last newsletter of the newest BookCrossing Partner, Book Aid International. There's lots going on with BAI and much more to come, so here's a bit more to get you all started.

If you are interested in donating books, take a look here, to get an idea of the kinds of books BAI is seeking.
Our very own Netstation has volunteered to be the point person to help coordinate this. If you think you may have a suitable book, send the details (not the book just yet, please!) by PM to Netstation and he will collate a list for the Book Aid folks. Please feel free to send books registered at BC or unregistered books, but be aware that they might not be journaled, as they are going to places where there's no electricity, let alone Internet access. If you are interested in being a possible point person for the gathering of books to send by m-bag or equivalent, also let Netstation know.

BookCrossers can donate through the website managed by Charities Aid
Foundation, by clicking here.
You can donate in Euros, Pounds, or Dollars and they convert currency at the mid market price. And finally, one other way to help out is via the Reverse Book Club.

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