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News from the Store

November 16, 2017
The Supply Store is offering some new products that you may not have seen yet.
There are bright yellow pens that make a great little gift, to someone else or to yourself. You'll find them in the Treasure Chest.
There are Econo-labels in German now, by popular demand.
And for the same reason, the lovely book tree bookplate designed by Necoconeco, that won the BookCrossing Day contest, has been added to our Classic Bookplate selection. We like it so much that we figured we might as well call it an instant classic!

More good news! Since December is the month that many people think of as a good time for gifts, we're going to join in with the spirit of the season and hand out some gifts of our own. With every Store purchase that equals $50* or more, we'll send you a free BookCrossing Lanyard of the 'bright yellow - narrow' type, all through the month of December.
This free bonus offer is not valid on purchases that consist of Wings alone, because in that case there's no envelope to slip the lanyard into. Everything else is fair game. Enjoy!

*$50 including any Wings and postage. We're not picky and it's easier this way.

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