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Welcome back, and a tinkering alert

February 3, 2017
First of all, some happy news, in case you had not heard: Reno, one of our founders, has returned to the site! Welcome home, Reno. You were missed.

Since he came back, he's been busy: he's been looking at bugs and necessary fixes, as well as possible new features. He's also been tinkering and experimenting here and there. This is likely to continue for a while.
So if something on the site changes, and works differently from what you're used to and would expect, please don't feel alarmed. It's very likely that you are seeing the effects, and sometimes the side-effects, of work in progress.

If something really seems broken, and doesn't correct itself within a day or two, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your patience, it's appreciated!

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