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corner corner The 2016 Convention is upon us
April 20, 2016

It's Convention time, and the signs are looking great for another really splendid one! Good friends, good weather and good books all coming together in the ancient city of Athens, what more could anyone wish for? Conventioneers, we're wishing you all safe travels and a lovely time.

Because our Store Manager is travelling to Athens as well, you may see some delays in your Supply Store orders. Sorry about that; despite our best attempts, we have not found a way to clone her yet.

And let's not forget that April 21st is International BookCrossing day. So if you get a chance, get out there, and release a book, or more; that's all it takes to join in the fun. Please tell us about your BC Day releases in the Forums, on Twitter or through Facebook. And above all: have fun!

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