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Puppy breath and a New Book

September 1, 2015
Emotional attachments, those things that live in a dimension we mostly feel but words occasionally connect. Puppy breath and a book are right at the top of those for me. That strange skunk like odor of a puppy licking and biting at your ear makes all problems vanish.The fragrance of puppy smell, if bottled would out perform Prozac. Joy in its purest form.

The same feeling when the spine of a new book is creased, a book recommended by a friend, the smell of a used book, or the ping of a new ebook arrival. New information to be assimilated, emotional and intellectual adventures to be started, connections to be made. And if it a BookCrossing book, it has a conversation and a journey attached: a part of a bigger dimension of traveling and connecting. The books, people and places of the great conversation, that is BookCrossing.

Here at BookCrossing we are assembling the band again and cracking a new chapter for this great community. Its time to get back to reading and back to BookCrossing. We are so grateful for our beginnings and even more excited about the things to come. That elusive mobile app, the site tweaks, ongoing development and feature requests are all things we will see to fruition in the chapters to come . You will start to see several changes over the coming weeks as well as solicitation of your feedback and other ways you can help.

Happy Crossing,


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