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New forum for the Slavic languages

August 7, 2014
Here's another step towards BookCrossing as a truly global movement. We now have a forum for the Slavic languages! You'll find it here.
This forum was created at the request of several Russian BookCrossers, who want to see more BookCrossing activity develop in their country. We can't wait to see that happen!

We decided that it would be best to start it as a combined forum for all of the Slavic languages together, such as Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian, and see how things go; if over time it turns out that one of the languages gets so much traffic that it warrants its own, separate forum, then that is totally possible.

But for now, postings in any Slavic language are welcome and on-topic there. We hope this new forum will allow many of you to interact with other BookCrossing members, exchange ideas or books, and make new friends. Welcome and enjoy!

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