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Steals and Deals

November 13, 2010
Black Friday is a tradition known in the United States as the day after Thanksgiving and officially marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It's no surprise that it's also the biggest shopping day of the year. Droves of families arise early to hit the malls and department stores to take advantage of discount prices. The origin of the term is debatable; whether it's the excessive black ink accountants use because of increased sales, the idea that stores finally operate in the black (profit) versus in the red (loss), the multitudes of shoppers that blacken pedestrian crosswalks, or the blackout headaches employees endure from the day's chaos, one thing is certain: people go bonkers on Black Friday. We hope you'll go bonkers and gasp at our shocking Supply Store Sale! Even though Black Friday has come and gone, we're still offering deals of the season.

Pick up a pack of bookplates for as little as $3.95, Bally's Early Black Friday Bundles (4 packs of labels) for only $14.95, or put a few Starter Kits in your shopping cart for as little as $14.95! Whatever you do, you get to avoid the long lines and chaos that holiday shopping brings! It's a great way to support BookCrossing and stock up on supplies and stuff - all from the convenience of your computer!

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