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Suggestions how to give feedback in a useful way for BookCrossing 2.0 Beta

May 25, 2010
There are a lot of different ways to give information, but what Matt suggested for the folks who were helping to test the site before launch was the following:

In your subject line indicate the type of comment, and a brief description of where or what it is

  • A Bug
  • A Text Change
  • Doesn't work as before (DWAB)
  • A Feature Request

Also include the following, if you can:
    Browser type-version / OS
  • Url of error (including querystring)
  • Form data (if submitting a form)
  • Description of how it happened. Brief and detailed enough so that we can try and replicate the problem.

Finally, the best place to post your comment is in the Beta Site Testing Forum. Read over the topics already there and if someone else is experiencing the same problem or something similar, post in that thread. Otherwise, create a new thread. Support will do their very best to check other forums, but the Beta Site Testing forum is the one guaranteed to be read by the folks who can fix or change or tweak things.

So you might say something like:

Doesn't Work As Before: Homepage different
When I log on to BookCrossing I can't get to the old home page. I can see it when not logged in, but when logged in, I am taken directly to my shelf.

(The answer to this question btw, is that the info on the old home page is still accessible to you. In fact, the news is on the sidebar of your bookshelf now. But the old general homepage is more for newbies or people browsing through. It's to get them interested in BookCrossing. Your new homepage *is* your shelf. You can get to every thing you need from there. )

One final thing -- The site is still in Beta and we *know* there will be some quirks and bugs to be worked out, and that some things won't work as before. But to move BookCrossing forward and bring those new features, apps etc that everyone has been clamoring for, we had to rebuild the site. While we'd rather have been able to wait and bring it to you "picture perfect", our financial and manpower resources didn't allow for that luxury. But hey, this way you all can help craft the site to be what YOU want it to be!

Again, thanks for your support and patience.

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