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Announcing 31st Limited Edition Bookplate: Wintertime Reading

March 16, 2010

Just in time for the vernal equinox, here comes the release of BookCrossing's 31st Limited Edition Bookplate. It's called Wintertime Reading, but it will warm hearts, regardless of the season. Artist Marygrace Antkowski used watercolors to capture perfectly the thrill of seeing a young child totally absorbed in a book curled up on a rug safe and sound inside, with a favorite pet at thier feet. Marygrace based the painting on the memory of a reading nook at the preschool her children attended. She said, "It was a place where many children have sat on the floor and looked at picture books and have been read to by their teachers... a warm nurturing atmosphere." Let your books carry this welcoming image as you send them into the world to become BookCrossing books. This bookplate will make new readers feel right at home when they pick up their caught book to enjoy. Available only at the BookCrossing Supply Store.

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