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The Reader Forum -- A Name Change

March 2, 2009
Recently, we created a forum where readers could talk about The Reader, an award-winning book turned into an award-winning movie. Books become movies all the time, and it seems BookCrossers liked the chance to talk about books turned into movies (and in a few cases, movies turned into books). So, based on comments from our members, we're altering The Reader Forum to be more encompassing. The name will soon change to "Based on the Book: Books to Movies". Here's a spot for you to talk about all those books that became movies or are in the works. (And as a kindness to other readers, if you started thread when the forum in question was limited to a single film, please consider going back in to edit your thread title so that the movie is clearly distinguished from other movies in new threads. Thanks.) Lights! Camera! Read 'em!

For information on the winners of our The Reader Contest and The Reader Release Challenge, please check here and here. Thanks to all who participated!

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