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Update on Smooth Sailing with Celebrity Cruises and BookCrossing

January 27, 2005
Many BookCrossers have been wondering how to go about releasing books with our new partner Celebrity Cruises. According to the TV/Films/Libraries Specialist of Celebrity Cruises, Inc., "To launch the BookCrossing/Celebrity Cruises program, each of our nine libraries is donating 50 books from their catalogues. We will also be releasing all books donated to us from passengers during their cruise. The program is being actively promoted onboard all ships, so we expect to see many BookCrossers bringing their books to release! Logistically speaking, it would be impossible for us to accept books in the corporate office to disperse on ships when they (the cruises) are scattered all over the place at any given time." So, simply stated, book your ticket, grab your books and head off for a wonderful shipboard adventure!

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