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Mustn't Miss Maynard's Muse!

January 27, 2005
bookplate labels It's a well-known fact that cats and books go together like peas and carrots (and they never, as any cat owner will tell you, fail to decide that the book you are reading right now is perfect for their afternoon nap). Maynard the Cat is no exception to this rule, and has chosen to further his education on topics like Meowzart - the Musical Cat, The Multiple Cat Family, and the pressing issue of what to do about feline insomnia. Of course, there is nothing like taking a break from the books to play with a bit of string, which is precisely what he has decided to do in this charming painting. Cat lovers and book lovers alike will no doubt love Maynard's Muse by Beverly Chick, our newly-released bookplate label. They’re selling quickly so collect yours today!

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