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Significant site improvements made, more on the way

January 12, 2005
We've made several improvements to the BookCrossing website in the last few days, most notably:

  • ISBN lookups now get clean book registration info and pictures from not only Amazon.com, but alternatively Amazon.de (for our German members) and Amazon.co.uk (for our UK members)
  • Forum replies to any post can be made without a new page load
  • Forum performance has been very significantly improved (as of Wednesday afternoon, January 12th), making the entire site more responsive

And more improvements are on the way. Our traffic is up over 7 million "real" pageviews per month (not counting search engine spiders), which includes prolonged spikes during the day of over 15 page requests per second. To keep up with the demand, 4 new servers are installed and are being configured in our farm as you're reading this. We hope to have a new cluster configuration working by the end of February that will do away with slow page loads for all time. Just a note: this stuff ain't cheap or easy... thank you for your voluntary financial support.

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