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SSM 30 November 27, 2005: Celebrating Children

November 23, 2005
As we wind up November and move toward the month of December, the calendar seems to fairly dance with special celebrations and holidays. This month's SSM30 is geared to celebrate one of the greatest gifts of all -- children. So grab a book geared to or about children that celebrates what is special to you. Maybe it's a childhood favorite or a new classic like The Polar Express. If it's holiday themed, so much the better. Leave your book where you think a child is likely to find it, or perhaps a place where an adult will find it and read it with a child. Maybe a public playground or a park. (And if you should want to release on Saturday so that there's more chance that a child will find it, it's OK by us!) This idea was sent in by eireannaigh, who will receive wings for the month. Similar ideas were also submitted by abismithy, katiesmama, dolphingirlie and turbobarge, who will also receive wings for their contributions. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here.

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