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Congratulations! You've successfully registered a book in the system. Your new and unique BCID number is above. You should label the book with our web address and that number immediately. You can do this by Creating your own BookPlates, using one of our downloadable Labels or purchasing limited-edition Bookplate Labels. Alternatively, you can just make a handwritten note inside the cover, something like this:

Hello Kind Reader,

Just a quick note that I've registered this book at, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book's journey and the lives it touches forever more!

Thank You!

Then, get creative and release the book! There are no hard and fast rules about book releasing, but do use your common sense, and don't release books where they might cause others' harm (airports and airliners are especially sensitive about stray objects lying around). Instead, think about places where people slow down and notice their surroundings - places like park benches, restaurants, supermarkets, dressing rooms, tourist stops, trains, statues, or... surprise us!

And don't forget Release Notes...

If you do plan on leaving this book "in the wild," where others can find it, you should make Release Notes on it right away, so others in the locale can search for it and keep the karma going!

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