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Updated: Saturday 25 April 2015

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3 every week for 2015

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How To Be Comfy
I Met A Lady

Carry around
Nothing at the moment.

What I have read ...

My taste in reading is somewhat eclectic and over the years have shed very few acquired books with the rather optimistic assumption that there is no such thing as a bad book, only a bad time to read that particular book. However, since participating in the "Race to Three Million Registered Books Challenge", I have registered books that are in and around the house that I have not read, and very unlikely to read. These have either been given to me as gifts or part of that rather nebulous agreement of what's yours is mine, and what's mine is my own.

I have registered every book except computer software manuals and some Japanese language books that I am having trouble reading. If they are marked permanent collection on my bookshelf it is because they are PC or I did not wish to make up my mind on this first pass of registering everything that resembled a book.

It is the wild releasing that I am finding so much fun, so please do not contact me with regard to requesting anything on my bookshelf. My participation in Book Crossing is re-reading my books before wild releasing and joining the release challenges if and when I'm able.

Book Crossing and Me ...

I have enjoyed sorting through my bookshelves (doubled up with books) and the piles of books on the floor. Most of which I have not looked at since I stopped going to a book club a few years ago now. I'm onto my third lot of stationery from the BookCrossing Supply Store (bookplates, tiny stickers, bookmarks, and sticky notes), and have chosen books that I will re-read before letting my BookCrossing stationery near them.

Letting go is hard to do. It gets easier :) The Release Challenges help!

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