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I guess I’m not a BookCrosser by nature, because I find it very hard to let go of books that I love. Accordingly, my bookshelf doesn't reflect my taste in literature. Mostly, you'll find mysteries there because they are easy to part with. I'm working on the rest – and I’m happy to say I’m making progress.

For the time being, due to staggering postage fees in the Scandinavian countries, I don't participate in book rays or rings, and I can't offer to trade books across national borders. Hopefully this will change when I'm no longer a student.

Train Project:
I'm undertaking a small BookCrossing experiment:

I have collected train books; that is books that have the word “train” (as in the noun, not the verb) in the title, or books where a train journey is important to the plot or the theme. I’m sending them, one at a time, perhaps a week apart, on a train journey. They’ll be released on the train from Trondheim to Oslo (in Norway), marked with the usual BC- stickers, but also with a sticker naming the book’s final destination, asking any readers or non-reading finders to release the book on a new train going in the right direction (and hopefully register it as well), towards Athens in Greece or Cadiz in Spain, as far south in Europe as possible.

Released books
The Mystery of the Blue Train given to me by Annelis
Night Train given to me by Fire-Dragon
Mr Norris Changes Trains given to me by Alvhyttan
Night Flight for the Little Red Train given to me by ScottishHoosier
The Great Train Robbery
The Great Railway Bazaar given to me by perryfran
Stop the Train given to me by blum
The Secret Railway given to me by KarenBC
Murder on the Orient Express given to me by morsecode
The Great Train Robbery given to me by robertsp20

Thank you to those who have kindly given me books for this project!

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