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From Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
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Joined Saturday, September 23, 2006
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We have a Facebook Group!
And a Yahoo Email Group!
Join for invites to meetings at the OBCZ!

I am the Winnipeg Official Bookcrossing Zone!

There is new ownership of the Second Cup location and they have requested that we remove all of the books that were there. We are currently on the lookout for a new home. If anyone has any suggestions please pm gypsysmom.

Stay tuned to the box below for the
date of our next Bookcrossing meeting.

Next Meeting: Sunday February 23 2020
Little Sister Coffeemaker
539 Osborne Street (corner of Morley and Osborne)

Hours of Operation:

If you have taken home a free(d) book from my shelves, it now belongs to YOU! And, I welcome you to do with it as you please. You may read it immediately, or take your time, you may give it away, or keep it forever, you may release it wherever you wish, or bring it back to my shelves when you are finished with it. Whatever you choose, 'Welcome to Bookcrossing!', and I hope you have a fabulous time.

All books registered under my name, are books that have been left behind on our bookshelf by a bookcrosser at my Monthly Bookcrossing Meetups, or by someone who has noticed my signs.

To release a book on my shelf, choose TBA as your release location.

Also by joining the yahoo group: wpgbookxing, and/or the Winnipeg Official BookCrossing Facebook group
you could recieve a monthly 'evite' to our meet up, and updates of my books' travels!

Please drop me a PM any time you have questions and queries, or if you would like to donate some books to my shelf.

Thank you for visiting me,
and Happy Bookcrossing!

winnipegobcz welcomes:
Baleep! Lady-Sprit! rwebb! ButterflyEffect! Loria! Juneflower! MBCountryGirl! channelling! wpgreader! dtpr! attilla! J-zel! OfTheForest! beachbumgram! garo! Sievo! c-book! INCAGOLD! junomidge! peppermint63200! travisboa! ecobabe! CRABBYMAGGI! SamMS! jasonpaas! sparklepunk! SmilingGirl! MrsBagger! MJ87! Lummy! hymie! NebulaSarDust! bedeleeuw! letsgotoamovie! gerry-pei! ilovestoread! MissingAnAngel! csharfe! darkaerithddb! liannelavoie! onedirection! blindasabat! andrewhhh! bgrace!Evelake!

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