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Reasons to Rent Boom Lifts and Other Heavy Equipment Instead of Buying
The heavy equipment used extensively in the construction industry can be quite expensive, especially for companies just starting to get on their feet. Thankfully, companies that simply don't have it in the budget to purchase necessary equipment such as boom lifts have a better option: a Boom lift rental doesn't require a huge up-front investment. That's not the only advantage of renting over buying, though. Read on to find more reasons to rent a lift.

Maintenance Costs

When contractors or companies purchase a piece of equipment outright, they're not only responsible for the initial investment cost they must also provide adequate maintenance for their equipment. Between paying for parts and keeping a repair technician on-staff or heading to a specializing mechanic to keep these machines running, maintenance costs can add up quick. When companies choose to rent equipment instead of buying it, the rental company will provide all of the maintenance needed to keep it running safely and smoothly.

Equipment Hauling

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