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From Hoover, Alabama USA
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I love to read! Without a book or twelve stacked by my chair waiting for me, I'm as nervous as a cat.

When I'm not reading I'm at work or involved with my wonderful husband and son. Son is a senior at college, a couple of hours away, so I don't see him as often as I would like.

And just a note on my name, WarEagle78. If you aren't a fan of US collegiate football, you might assume I'm a warmonger of some sort. Not true. Actually, "War Eagle" is the yell for the sports teams of Auburn University, a public university of about 25,000 students in east-central Alabama. Football is a quasi-religion in this part of the world, and I am not unusual in the least.

But I'm spending more time than ever at Paperbackswap . There I can get the books I really want - even though I consider myself a good and reliable Bookcrosser I hate to ask others to send me one of their books. At PBS you "buy" books with your credits for sending to others. I still keep the books logged in Bookcrossing because, after all, I really want to see where they end up!

Books Mailed (from Alabama, USA) but not Journaled (note: I only do confirmation receipts for bookboxes):
This Heart of Mine mailed to jiluah in Iran on 8/16/03
I Do (But I Don't) mailed to coystr in California for eyhon in Malaysia on 10/25/03
A Garden in the Rain mailed to coystr in California for eyhon in Malaysia on 10/25/03
Happiness mailed to kymberlie in TX on 3/19/05
The Sacrifice to skiedragon in NJ on 5/11/05 (swap for Stolen Lives - which is still on her bookshelf marked "available")
Track of the Grizzly to Collinsville HS, AL on 10/29/05 (RABCK)
The Reader
to mlburgess in KY on 2/25/06 (surprise RABCK)

Book Rings/Rays I've Joined, sorted by how many readers away from me the book is today!

Note: Rings/rays that have been unjournalled for 9 or more months have been moved to the end of the list.

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In Mail to Me:The Wild Trees (itpdx)

I'm Next! A Girl's Best Friend (ShyAnn); From a Buick 8 (tutmarie); Superstitious (ellymae58)

2 Out:

10 Out: Why Girls Are Weird (tamugrad02)

Projects: Culinary Mysteries project (summermarie) - first three books have passed me

Pending Requests:
Diane Mott Davidson book spiral bksfamly - requested 10/3/2008

Rings I'm on that appear dead: Amateur Marriage (Leighspeak); The Judge (booknose); Girl's Poker Night: A Game of High Stakes (kymberlie) ; The Day After Tomorrow (kymberlie); Blindsighted (talkland); Forest Lover (flashgirl); Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper -- Case Closed (kymberlie); Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About (baaic); (kuju); Book of Ruth (KAT123); Breach of Promise; Invasion of Privacy dual (booknose); Wanderlust (kayters); Falling Angels (Lisa-B); Nerd in Shining Armor (ShyAnn); Swan Song (kymberlie); The Drifter's Gift (wickedwordz); Thoughts While Having Sex (kayters); A Day (or Two) In The Life of a BookCrosser (tamugrad02); Last Chance Saloon (hawkette); Your Body's Many Cries for Water (jackshome); Kitchen Confidential dual (gumshoe007)


GONE! (books sent along, from 10/03 til today) -- but I can't figure out how to make the box clickable

GONE! (books sent along, from 10/03 til today) -- The Man Who Loved Books Too Much (Moody Blue); In Her Shoes: A Novel (wildflower67); The Nowhere City (bookaddict22); Misconception (tamugrad02); The Secret Life of Bees (LAbklvr); RAGING HORMONES (Saldragski); The Christmas Shoes (savannahblue); Fear Nothing (kymberlie); Whispers and Lies (ShyAnn); Christmas Card exchange (fly46); The Passion of Artemesia (kz4ufo); romance bookbox (summermarie); Jasmine Nights (pashmack); chicklit perpetual bookbox (booknose); Good In Bed (kz4ufo); Girl with a Pearl Earring (kz4ufo); It's Your Life Choose Well (mamikaem); Tulip Fever (tara-K); What We Keep (bookaddict22); The Memoir Club (kirstamd); Stand-In Bride (wickedwordz); A Man for Always (wickedwordz); Christian bookbox (irishajo); Ahab's Wife (bookaddict22); The Orchid Thief (lightwavz); Never Change (jennyscott); chicklit perpetual bookbox (booknose); Daddy's Little Girl (tamugrad02); Couplehood (wyldanthem); Amanda's Wedding (tamugrad02); Red-Tails in Love (Ishsmom); Sally (BlossomU); Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady (kayters); Bleachers (Catwoman); The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle (mellion108); Alive (wickedwordz); The Proposing Tree: A Love Story (Leighspeak); The Christmas Train (savannahblue); Front Porch Tales (kayters); One Thousand White Women (Secretariat); Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress (gumshoe007); Snow Falling on Cedars (kernow8); A Slender Thread (havfaith); Life Before Man (buzzgirl) arrived 4/8/04; chicklit perpetual bookbox (booknose); Lists to Live By (KAT123); Set This House in Order (Lorelei03); The Devil Wears Prada (GlasgowGal); Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Eucalia); ChickLit bookbox (kz4ufo); misc. bookbox (anabanana); Stupid White Men (moogytee); While My Pretty One Sleeps (Eucalia); Sixteen Pleasures (first-noel); chicklit perpetual bookbox (booknose); Life's a Stitch (BunRab); The Covenant (cwolfgang); Girl in Hyacinth Blue (ILuvToRead2); Silk (beckys); The Virgin Blue (scrawler); The Brandenburg Graduates (jennysbkpgs); Boy's bookbox (cestmoi); Joshua (2KidsMom); The Lovely Bones (pulpmode); Sisterchicks on the Loose! (havfaith); Tuesdays with Morrie (llsylvester); Life of Pi (raquelsita); Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! (mellion108); DaVinci Code (fizzfred); Fortune's Rocks (summermarie); Behaving Like Adults (allbookedup); Perpetual Chick-lit Bookbox Fresh Start(booknose); Enemy Women (czersk); No 1 Ladies Detective Agency (bilbi); To Be Someone (midwinter); Shiver (Ada2); Split Second (FifthElement); Affinity (MarciNYC); It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life (Eucalia); Unexpected (vicki9170); All Over But the Shouting (DameEdna); Heartstone (booknose); Bookbox (raindrop162004); Happiness (anderal); The Future Homemakers of America (pjmom8025); How to Be a Superhero (ThanksMom); misc. bookbox (KAT123); The Time Traveler's Wife (jarrett622); Yada Yada Prayer Club Gets Down (lginder); To The Poles (Without a Beard) (GlasgowGal); What Girls Learn (JesseBC)
; Eragon (CBCD); The Shunning (LGinder); Catering to Nobody & Recipe Journal (summermarie) and Dying for Chocolate with recipe journal (summermarie); Pattern Recognition (midwinter); The Confession (LGinder); Every Second Counts (Bunnybee); Under the Banner of Heaven (junegirl); The Reckoning (lginder); The Pull of the Moon (DSM); Christian Bookbox (tabby-cat-owner); My Sister's Keeper (amymaew); Sisterchicks Down Under (havfaith); The Five People You Meet in Heaven (littleacorn); The History of Love (4-lele); The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (monkeyflower); The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass (mpmaurus); Jane Austin Book Club (Nell-Lu); Reading Lolita in Tehran (morsecode); A Million Little Pieces (sobergirl); Snow Crash (midwinter)

These are my bookrings. If they are active they are open to new members. PM me if you interested -- be sure to tell me where you are and if you will ship internationally.
Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica by Sara Wheeler RING FINISHED!
Comfort Secrets for Busy Women by Jennifer Louden RING FINISHED!
The Betrayal by Beverly Lewis RING FINISHED!
Homesick: A Memoir by Sela Ward (replacing a lost bookring of kayters) RING FINISHED!
Homesick: A Memoir by Sela Ward (second ring, replacing a stalled bookring of aramena's) RING FINISHED!
Almost Anything Goes Virtual Bookbox - 2005 done; 2006 done

Here's a map of where in the US I've sent books so far!

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