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As a mere stripling, I was out getting up to hijinks and some mischief, when the big man from town came to register people for work at the local chicken shifting factoy. All my young playfellows duly signed up and I was left alone with only the dust for company. And dust, well it don't wear trousers like regular folks, so pa said "I weren't to play with the dust no more"
The only other job left was a piano shifter, which I laid claim to, though I was barely eight of your earthling years. Yessir, the pianos did weigh upon my back, like an oppressive dictatorship of old. In time though, my muscles got too big from the pianos and all. I was too big to fit in the house with ma and pa. So they sent me to live with the civil librarians down the road a piece.
Thats where I am today, waiting for the next day when the big man from town comes soliciting for chicken shifters, so I can catch up with the wastrel friends of my riotous youth. Till then I bide my time, borrowing the librarians books and releasing them back in to the wild, as is right and natural.

Yeah that really is me in the spacesuit. NASA wanted to charge me $40 to take the space shuttle for a drive. I talked them down to $20. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I hope they don't notice I put a ding in the bodywork, reversing into an asteroid.

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