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From Pinto, Madrid Spain
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****IMPORTANT****: In a few weeks, I am moving to Italy, so as I don't know my address there yet, please, if I am the next in some bookring, send it to the next person after me. Thank you very much.

Hello out there!:)
My name is Rebeca, I am from Madrid( Spain), I was born in April 1979 and I am a Bachelor of English. I used to work in the call centre of a big company but since some months ago, I am working in the Purchase Department of the same company... quite stressful...

* music( almost any style and in other

*travelling( unfortunately, this is an
expensive, money, money...)

*other languages and cultures( I love foreign languages but
unfortunately I can only speak Spanish and English
now. In the past I studied French, Italian, Norwegian, Danish and German!)

*my friends and penfriends ( friendship is very important for me)

*reading (being a little child I learnt to read and from that moment, I fell in love with books!!)

*going out with my friends

*football (By the way, I like watching Eurocup
and Worldcup. My fave player is Zinedine Zidane)

*going to the cinema

*meeting nice people

*surfing the net


****NOTE: If you try to contact me and you get no answer, it is because I have not received the PM. Please, try again, thank you!!****


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*Memoirs of a Geisha Audiobookring, organised by Smurphie

I guess I don't forget any bookring/ray!


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