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I love BookCrossing! Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, I am now living in El Paso, Texas. We moved here from Wiesbaden, Germany in May 2007. The picture above was taken in Summer 2003 when we were still in Alabama.

Typically, you'll find me with a scifi or fantasy book in my hands. However, you may catch me with a mystery or thriller sometimes. BookCrossing has encouraged me to branch out. I've even read a Chick Lit book or two since joining!

Here's a list of birthdays of BookCrossers. Thanks Abbynormal92243! :) You can go to her bookshelf and send her a PM if you'd like to add your birthday to the list. Thanks chich! :)

BOOKRAYS I'VE STARTED: PRACTICAL DEMON-KEEPING by Christopher Moore. ISLE OF WOMAN (Geodyssey 1) by Piers Anthony. SHAME OF MAN (Geodyssey 2) by Piers Anthony. HOPE OF EARTH (Geodyssey 3) by Piers Anthony. Click a title to see bookray status. Simply PM me if you would like to join any of these bookrays. Please say whether you're able to ship internationally. If you're unsure how a bookray works, please go to the FAQ page of the website generously provided by TexasWren. Wren's Crossing My bookrays that are currently vacationing (stalled) on LostBookIsland are: TALIESIN by Stephen R. Lawhead. FAKING IT by Jennifer Crusie. HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln. RED AS BLOOD by Tanith Lee. BEGGARS IN SPAIN by Nancy Kress. PERDIDO STREET STATION by China Mieville. FAKING IT by Jennifer Crusie (A replacement copy provided by editorgrrl. Thanks!).

My Mom: gayl
My Cousin: shix
Some RL friends: EarlyMorning1, Elaine68780, HouseOfMisterE, KTubbs1047, leeannclingan, LeftyLou, maomatt, nono241
Some BC friends met in RL: 140704, 1972Galadriel, allysther, AmberLee17, ArmyJaneDoe, bija007, bisa, boagat, Bookieboy, Bruce, callison, coco7, crrcookie, cyberkedi, d-vineland, Der-Heitzer, dutch-flybabe, ekaterin4luv, elhamisabel, Galion, GirlFromIpanema, grover3d, heather, Heydie, hgaz, Holzhacker, IrasCignavojo, jirika, Leseschaf, maipenrai, manuma, Moem, mpizza, mplsmary, MueckeGuen, muffin77, Nicoleangela, nice-cup-of-tea, Rabenaas, Raffizack, RCSIMS, Reno, RikkiDD, Rosenfrau, Saguna, Skyring, Sonora, Sternschnuppe28, Stoneshop, Sunneschii, Sunny73, sunnysideup247, TexasWren, thewheelbarrow, tillytoo, toshokanin, Wasserseele, Wildspitz, Wyando, Xarodoc, Zanla
2005 International Meetup bookshelf with links to pictures: MeetupBasel05
2006 International Meetup bookshelf: Dresden800
Some pics from Dresden by Der-Heitzer: Pictures

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