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I am a geek and a bookworm. I love to read all sorts of things, including anthropological anthologies, memoirs, comics, and manga. I'm especially a fan of horror, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and in particular ZOMBIES! I also have a specific interest in psychology and enjoy reading memoirs and diaries as my way of studying human nature.

I discovered Book Crossing through Goodreads, when noticing I could add a BCID to a book I own. I clicked on the [?] next to it and was AMAZED! I wish I found it sooner!

My favorite way to read books is to have them fall into my lap or bestowed upon me from others as gifts or reading assignments. At the public library I just browse until something catches my eye. Everyone knows me as a bookworm so I tend to get them second hand or as gifts a lot, but then I just hand them off to someone else without expecting it to return, so Book Crossing totally matches with my life style (but of course I keep the gifts for a reasonable amount of time first haha). I agree with the philosophy that books are meant to be read and shared and not sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Though I do keep my favorites around as a collection or for my future kids, I am not /that/ attached to books and will probably give them up easily.

I find it both exciting and terrifying leaving books in the wild. What if it just gathers dust on someone else's shelf? What if someone rips off the BCID label?! What if it gets thrown in the garbage by a jerk face janitor? What if a homeless person finds it and uses it as TP? What if, what if, what if?! I force myself to imagine it's in the hands of someone who just has no care to get online and put in the BCID.

My Goodreads account is under the same username: toxxicduck

I am also an inspiring author. I post some of my writing on Wattpad, also under toxxicduck, and pen name Syd K.P.

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