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If someone wants to make a book I registered part of their personal collection, that's ok with me.

I will loan PC books to close friends and family. Some of my books on reserve are reserved for, or on loan to, family members. Most of them will come back eventually and be available.

I would love to be on bookrings for, or to trade for, books on my wish list. I can always move tbr's to the top of my list if you are interested in a tbr that I have. I like just about any paranormal, some horror, and Christian authors like Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer. (prefer US shipping) alt="PaperBackSwap - Swap your used paperback books with other club members.">" width="300" height="250" />"Image hosted by" width="500" height="100" />

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True Crime Book Box---mailed 3/25/04
KAT123's Romance Bookbox---mailed 4/16/04

Bookrings/rays I'm on

Greyflank's Star Trek:TNG Bookring:
A Time to Be Born
A TIME TO Harvest
A TIME FOR War, A Time for Peace
The Chick and the Dead---mailed 02/08/08
Single White Vampire---released
Time and Again by Jack Finney
The Samaritan Woman-mailed 05/17/07
The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe--mailed 04/06/07
Don of the Dead--mailed 10/27/07
Invasion of the Body Snatchers---mailed 04/19/08
Nerd in Shining Armor
The Taking----released
Signspotting--mailed 02/10/07
Reading Lolita in Tehran---mailed 05/16/08
Alas Babylon
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time---mailed 03/02/07
A Bite to Remember---mailed 04/19/08
1776-mailed 11/09/06
The Husband-mailed 10/17/06
Cats and Their Women
In The Company Of Cats
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister--mailed 01/29/07
Dark Tort---mailed 6/02/06
The Best of H.P. Lovecraft---mailed 5/19/06
Deep Midnight--mailed 12/03/05
Realm of Shadows--mailed 12/16/05
Fatal Voyage---mailed 10/06/05
Night---mailed 7/20/05
Assassins (Left Behind No. 6)---mailed 8/4/05
The Indwelling (Left Behind No. 7)---mailed 8/4/05
Killing Moon--mailed 7/25/05
Soul Harvest (Left Behind No.4)--mailed 7/2/05
Apollyon (Left Behind No.5)--mailed 7/2/05
Cool Dead People--mailed 6/11/05
Flyboys--mailed 6/10/05
The Silver Wolf--mailed 6/10/05
Bite---mailed 5/14/05
Cravings---mailed 5/2/05
Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy Of Supermodel Gia-----mailed 5/2/05
Bitten---mailed 5/10/05
Night's Edge--mailed 4/23/05
The Captured--mailed 4/09/05
Nicolae (Left Behind No.3)--mailed 3/12/05
Hunting Midnight--mailed 3/03/05
Jovah's Angel --mailed 2/19/05
Tribulation Force (Left Behind No. 2)---mailed 2/15/05
Way of the Wolf ---mailed 2/8/05
Republic (Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper, Book 1)---mailed 2/8/05
Constitution (Star Trek: My Brothers Keeper, Book 2)-mailed 2/8/05
Enterprise (Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper, Book 3)---mailed 2/8/05
Wild and Wicked---mailed 1/31/05
Undead and Unwed---mailed 11/20/04
Undead and Unemployed---mailed 11/20/04
Unexpected---mailed 12/17/04
Through the Window---mailed 9/25/04
One Rainy Night---mailed 8/7/04
Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism---mailed 03/08/04
Good-time Charlie ---mailed 6/13/04
Red Angel---mailed 5/15/04
Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith--mailed 11/13/03
The Embrace : A True Vampire Story---mailed 6/28/04
The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield---mailed 5/29/04
The Flight of the Phoenix---passed on 2/15/04
Genesis Record---Mailed 8/6/04
The Revelation Record---mailed 10/30/04
Underworld ---mailed 10/10/04
The Company of Cats---mailed 4/16/04
Blood Meridian---mailed 6/28/04
Infinity Express ---mailed 5/10/04
Infinity Express II ---mailed 5/10/04
Infinity Express III ---mailed 5/10/04
Archangel---mailed 6/13/04
A Treasury of Royal Scandals---mailed 9/25/04
Sisters in Time---mailed 4/24/04
I Burn For You---mailed 8/19/04
A Scrap of Time---mailed 7/11/04
The Island of Doctor Moreau ---mailed 5/29/04
As Nature Made Him--mailed 10/30/04
Cat Lover's 3-in-1 started by Cyberkedi:
The Cat's Meow---mailed 8/21/04
Cats' Letters to Santa---mailed 8/21/04
Fun Facts about Cats---mailed 8/21/04" target="_blank">The Bookring Directory
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A great place to trade books, videos, games, cds and dvds:
The Cheshire Kat Trading Post
(On The Cheshire Kat Trading Post I'm tish)
*I usually trade videos or even buy credits, but I usually get bookcrossing books in return. This contributes to making my found number larger than my caught.

A way to help those who were wounded serving our country:
The Wounded Warrior Project

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