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If I owe you a book(s), they are coming, I promise!! I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth as it may seem. Most of my books are still stored away because of the timing of my move and the holidays. Of course, my finances really sucked over the holidays as well, thus I wasn't able to mail anything. I am starting to get packages ready this week and will begin mailing next week. I am not accepting any bookboxes, bookrings/rays, or trades until I have caught up with my other committments to BookCrossers who have already waited way to long for their promised books! For this, I can only beg your forgiveness and thank you for your continued patience with me!! I have missed being an active BookCrosser and am ready for the normality in my life to return!

Boy, you can tell I have been offline for a while! THANK YOU TO MY MYSTERY WINGER!! It was my first pair, and I didn't even notice until they were faded =( Hugs to whomever you are!!


As of November 15, we were notified that the house we have been buying for the last 2 years off a lady is now in foreclosure. The woman has not been making the house payments when we give her the money, but pocketing it instead. So, I will be moving shortly. Could be in the next month or as early as the next week. I will get all books owed out as promised, but won't be taking any new trades until I get this situation under control. I will still be accepting books at this address until further notice. This is very upsetting for the whole family, considering how close it is to Christmas time, but I believe all things happen for a reason. If you could just keep my family in your thoughts and send positive vibes my way, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and ((HUGS))

News for November 8th - I am a little behind in my mailings, so please be patient with me as I sort through and get everything mailed out. I have only been able to get to the post office once a week lately, and this week is tight with money. I will have all U.S. books mailed out by next week, and will be mailing a couple internationals each week until completely caught up(by the end of November at the latest). I apologize for any inconvience this causes =) If there is anyone missing from this list below, please let me know!!


Christy (BookRelay) - bekainindia
Christmas Spirit(RABCK) - destarchild
Watermelon (RABCK) - funsour
The Cheerleader (BookRelay) - Geegal
1st to Die (BookRelay) - Helly77
Pet's Letters to God (RABCK) - libertine101
Some sort of local roadmap for dagon =)


Sheiks of Summer (Trade) - dyluvsbooks Mailed 11/10
Five Gold Rings (Trade) - dyluvsbooks Mailed 11/10
The Stand (BookRelay) - Merinda Mailed 11/10
Kids books for OBCZ (RABCKs) - nekki2976
The Ghost of Flight 401 (Trade) - nvangel2073 Mailed 11/10
Healing with the Fairies (RABCK) - WildFaerie
The Spotlight (Trade) - Pammykn Mailed 11/10
The Bridesmaid (BookRelay) - FamFatale Mailed 11/10
The Mother's Day Murders (BookRelay) - FamFatale Mailed 11/10
Lioness (Trade) - guinaveve
Lost & Found (Trade) - guinaveve
Eden Rising (Trade) - guinaveve
My Dog Does My Homework (Trade) - guinaveve
Hit & Run (Trade) - TITurtle1 Mailed 11/10
Final Exam (Trade) - TITurtle1 Mailed 11/10
Dark Paradise (BookRelay) - LadyShaye Mailed 11/10
Surrender the Heart (Trade) - hawkecho Mailed 11/10
The Willow File (Trade) - hawkecho Mailed 11/10
Lady Megan's Masquerade (Trade) - hawkecho Mailed 11/10
Silhouette Desire: The Royal & The Runaway Bride (Trade) - hawkecho Mailed 11/10
Sihouette Desire: Challenged by the Sheik (Trade) - hawkecho Mailed 11/10
Walker in Shadows (BookRelay) - jaremeister Mailed 11/10
Dawn of the Vampire (Trade) - cratclif
Year Zero (BookRelay) - tashajean Mailed 11/10
Teen thrillers (Trade) - SandDanz
The Monkey's Raincoat (BookRelay) - quinnsmom Mailed 11/10
McCrory's Lady (BookRelay) - Luintaurien Mailed 11/10
The Horse Whisperer (BookRelay) - mlburgess2
The Gift of the Pirate Queen (BookRelay) - mskdm20
Digging for Clues (BookRelay) - WintersQT4ever
Twitches (RABCK) - WintersQT4ever
2nd Chance (BookRelay) - bksfamly
Haunted (BookRelay) - ekgv414
Soul Mates (RABCK) - Cwarncke
I Can't Believe I Said That (RABCK) - skindeep
Megan's Mate (Trade) - strawberry2563


Readinme's Anything Goes - Luintaurien Mailed 11/10 Confirmation #: 0304 1070 0001 5262 2006
bksfamly's Clear the Shelves - HallieK Mailed 11/10 Confirmation #: 0304 1070 0001 5261 8893


Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch - cheli-garza Mailed 11/10

People I owe stamps to:

portable-solace - awaiting total
jamesmum - waiting to hear back from
ysabol - 4 stamps for Wither
Tribefan - $5.14 (MAILED LAST WEEK)
havfaith - $2.26
BrynnSC - sent out over a month ago, but still not received, will resend

News for October 17th - I have joined live journal. Feel free to add me to your friends list. Can't say that I have anything important to say and I am trying to learn the process, but hey, what the heck! LOL

***I have been having an issue with my PMs so if I don't answer you, it was because I didn't receive it! You can email me directly at Just make sure you put bookcrossing in the subject line so it doesn't get deleted.***

I am a SAHM to 4 boys...yes 4!! My youngest, Colton, is 7 months, followed by Connor, 21 months, and then my adopted children from my hubby's previous marriage - Kaleb, 11, and Gaberiel, 10. I have been happily married for over 3 years and live in the beautiful state of Texas.

My favorite hobby is, you guessed it, reading. Right now, I average a book a week in between taking care of the babies and the house. In my childless years, I read a book approx. every 2 days.

All children's books on my shelf are marked PC only until my kids outgrow them. Then they will be made available!

If you see something on my list that you would like to have, please feel free to PM me. I would be more than happy to send it to you in exchange for postage, or I might just do a RABCK, ya never know! At this time, I ask that you only request things on my available list as I have no idea how soon I will be able to read books in my TBR pile. For the next few months, I am only able to mail within the US.

I am happy to have found bookcrossing, and am very excited about all the kind and generous people I have met on here.

Happy Reading!!

A small note about my wishlist. I like to keep books on there until I actually receive them in case something happens while they are en route to me...I'm strange, I know :P I have also made additions to include my husband's and my mom's wishlists. They are the James Patterson and Janet Evanovich books. These will all be journaled through my shelf since neither one of them have their own.

Wish List (Thanks Cliff!)

Connor:" alt="Lilypie Baby Days" border="0" />

Colton:" alt="Lilypie Baby Days" border="0" />

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