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Birthday Bookring Challenge
Hannah´s Daughters by Marianne Fredriksson
60th Birthday Challenge

Skandinaviska bokringar/bokstrålar

Jag är periodare avseende böcker - ibland läser jag inget och ibland läser jag allt som jag kommer över i en salig blandning. Jag tycker om att läsa historiska romaner om de är välskrivna. Deckare och thrillers har en egen plats i mitt hjärta. Levnadsöden, människors vardag osv är läsvärt så länge det beskrivs med ett fängslande språk.
I am a bookaholic and I read in periods - sometimes I don´t open a book in weeks and during my "periods" I read anything that gets in my way. I like historical novels when they are well written. Detective stories and thrillers have a place of their own in my heart. Stories of every-day-life etc is worth reading as long as they are written in a nice language.


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Read African authors A - Z
Tips på Afrikanska författare
Around the world-challenge 2007
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"Send a book to every country during my lifetime"

One Book Around The World in 365 Days

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1001 Books to read before you die. I have read:/

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Nu har jag fyllt på min önskelista *L*.

Thank you cliff1976" border="0" alt="You are Piglet.">
You choose your friends wisely and even though they
may be few in number, they are high in
You feel most comfortable when you can follow the
crowd and let others make decisions. But that's
not to say you can't make up your own mind if
you need to.
Faithful and true, Piglets make the best friends.

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