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***Please do not invite me to join any bookrays or rings. My life does not allow for me to stay within the time restrictions that must be followed. Thank you.***

Since the postage rates have gone up I can no longer trade books outside of the lower 48 States. As much as I loved sharing books across borders and seas in the past, I'm on a pretty tight budget now. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience to a fellow BCer.

My 2011 Reading List

This year I read 53 books. Of those 43 were first time reads for me. Below is my list in the order that I read them starting from January and a very short plot summary.

Q&A- This book is the inspiration for Slumdog Millionaire. It’s about a young man who is being interrogated after he’s won the hardest quiz game show in India. Each of his stories illustrate how he knew the answer to the quiz questions.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- The forth and most exciting book in the Harry Potter series. Harry is entered in a dangerous student challenge game involving three of the wizarding school.

*Fool- A comedic retelling of the events of Shakespeare’s Hamlet from the point of view of the court jester.

Genesis- During her final exam, Anex faces questions that she can not answer. What does it mean to be human? What is consciousness? How will she contribute to her utopian society? What has history taught her?

*Life As We Knew It- Everyone is excited about the asteroid that will passing close to Earth. Unfortunately, the scientists were wrong. It doesn’t pass by harmlessly. Instead it crashes into the dark side of the moon moving it slightly closer to Earth. This is the tale of one family during the aftermath as told by the daughter in her diary.

Clan of the Cave Bear- Ayla is not like the clan that takes her in as a child. Where they are small, dark and unable to speak: she is tall, blonde and can laugh. Her caveman family accepts her but not everyone in the clan is a friend.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- Harry is still dealing with the aftermath of the game. His life has been turned even more upside down by the attempts on his life. He joins the underground resistance that has sworn to fight Voldemort at all costs.

*Room- This story is told entirely through the voice of Jack a five year old boy living in a 11x11ft shed. To him it’s a magical world but to his mother it’s the prison she has lived in for 7 years.

World War Z- After the zombie apocalypse stories are collected from around the world for historical record.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- Harry is nearing the end of his education at Hogwarts. While attending Potions he finds a book with additional notes that contain extraordinary spells and potion recipes.

*The Host- This is the story of Melanie Stryder, a girl who refuses to fade away even after having her body and mind is invaded by the alien creature, Wanderer. As they co-exist in one body their lives become more entwined and their futures become infinitely more complicated.

Fight Club- Bored to tears, the narrator meets Tyler Durden on a business flight. Nothing is the same after that. He is plunged deeper and deeper into chaos, violence and criminal acts as Tyler begins to take over his entire life.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Harry’s story comes to it’s finale in this rambling adventurous conclusion.

The Valley of the Horses- Ayla finds herself alone in a Ice Age landscape. Will she survive a winter alone? The story splits between her struggles and those of two brothers making their way across the continent in a quest to see what lies beyond their territory.

The Fourth Bear- More murderous fairytale fun in book #2 of the Nursery Crimes series. This time Jack Sprat must investigate the death of Goldilocks.

On the Beach-The Cold War has worldwide atomic fallout. The last humans on earth have only a temporary reprieve as the radiation cloud slowly makes its way to Australia. Some are in denial and some take advantage of their last days with reckless abandon. This story follows them all up to the very end.

Jaws- While a shark terrorizes a small beach town one man aims to stop it. Can he keep his personal life together while he fights for the safety of the town’s people and save their economy?

The Subtle Knife- After stepping through the portal on the mountain, Lyra finds herself in another world. She longs to avenge her fallen friend and make those who did it pay. After finding Will, a new friend who pledges to help she makes her way through many portals in search of help and to fight her enemies.

*The Help- Skeeter returns home from college with a degree in journalism the summer of 1962 to her small town in Mississippi. Searching for something to write about she begins to realize the separation between the whites and blacks in the south is much greater and horrible than she ever knew. She sets out to right this wrong through an amazing collection of stories as told by the maids of the townsfolk.

*One Second After- Based on a real publication presented to the US government in the early 2000s, this is a frightening story of the end-of-the-world as we know it. In a flash the USA is knocked backwards to the Dark Ages by an enemy EMP weapon. This story follows a man and his struggle to keep his family alive through endless hardships.

An Object of Beauty- Lacey is on the fast track in the international art community. However, after a major set-back can she rise to the top again? Follow her story as she claws her way through the corrupt world of art collectors.

Little Bee- Little Bee is in a holding cell for women who try to illegally immigrate to the UK. She knows that any day she will be sent back to the terror of her homeland of Nigeria. But as luck would have it she’s made friends with someone who can get her out. Her story is heartbreaking and echoes the horrors of many women who live in third-world countries.

*The Giver- Jonas lives in a wonderful world of peace and harmony. Then on his 12th birthday he is selected to be trained by The Giver. The Giver is the only one who knows the real truth behind their perfect world. Jonas soon finds that the price of peace is bigger than he could ever imagine.

The Amber Spyglass- Lyra and Will continue their fight to save the universes. They must walk a path through the land of the dead and ask the help of many unwilling. Can they save their worlds or will everything disappear as their universes begin to dissolve.

The Mammoth Hunters- Ayla and Jondalar leave the safety of the valley and set out to find more humans. They find friends in the Mammoth Hunter tribe and settle down for another long winter.

The Plains of Passage- After a long winter and hard learned lessons of love Ayla and Jondalar set off on the long journey home to his tribe.

*Feed-The good news is that humans survived the zombie apocalypse. The bad news is so did the zombies. This story is set in a world where humans and zombies coexist. Everyone is a walking time bomb waiting to die and be resurrected. And journalists have been replaced by adventurous bloggers who are the watchdogs of the country.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society- Told through a series of letters documenting an author who is in search of her next book subject. She stumbles upon a fantastic story of how the people of the tiny island of Guernsey survived WWII.

Brokeback Mountain- A short and sweet story of two men in love and their struggle to hide it from the rest of the world.

Anasnsi Boys- Fat Charlie had a pretty normal life going. That is until he finds out that his father is a god and he has a evil twin brother.

The Shelter of Stones- After one year of endless trekking across the wild landscape of Ice Age Europe, Ayla and Jondalar arrive home at last.

*Darkly Dreaming Dexter- This is the first in a series about Dexter, the nicest serial killer you will ever meet. He’s having nightmares about the Ice Truck Killer. Somehow he knows details about the murders before they happen. Is he killing in his sleep too?

Shutter Island- US Marshall Daniels and his partner are sent to a mental institute on Shutter Island to investigate a disappearance. Surrounded by crazy criminals Daniels fights a uphill battle to find clues. As a dangerous storm approaches, Daniels realizes that things aren’t what they seem and he needs to get out before he goes mad too.

About a Boy- A spoiled rich man with absolutely no skills and a terrible record with women meets a young boy who has a suicidal mother and is on a losing path too.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter- A young doctor’s wife gives birth to twins. One is a perfect little boy. The other is a beautiful girl with a flaw that the doctor can’t live with. Panicked, he gives the girl to his nurse to take to a special institute. She decides to raise the girl instead.

White Plague-After a Irish terrorists bomb takes his wife and children, a scientist takes revenge on the world. He unleashes a disease designed kill women of Irish desent.

The Land of the Painted Caves- Ayla fulfills her destiny to become a medicine woman, marry Jondalar and have a baby of her own.

Must Love Dogs- A recently divorced woman’s family butts in and tries to get her dates. Mostly they go wrong but one made a impression and won’t seem to leave her mind.

The Strain- A airplane touches down with a full cargo of dead. A CDC doctor goes looking for the truth. What he finds is an ancient vampire monster bent on world domination.

The Prestige-Two magicians compete to be the best in the world. One will succeed but at a cost greater than he could ever imagine.

The Virgin Suicides- A house full of girls is a mysterious place to a group of neighborhood boys. When the girls start killing themselves off they become a mystery to the whole town.

Seventh Son- As the 7th son in his family, Alvin is destined to be powerful. In this first book of the series we see him begin to discover his raw talent with rock and household magic.

The Coelura- Facing an arranged marriage, a princess escapes into the wilds. There she discovers a handsome man in hiding and the beautiful creatures he is protecting.

*The Year of the Flood- A disease of epic proportion has all but obliterated humankind. Those that are left cling to what life they can. Someone must find a cure and build a new world.

*The Maze Runner- Thomas wakes up inside a dark elevator car. When the doors open he’s surrounded by boys in the middle of a giant maze. Welcome to The Glade.

Pet Sematary- The new doctor in town buys the perfect house with a dirty little secret in the back yard. The townsfolk burry their pets but they don’t stay buried.

The Brief History of the Dead- The afterlife exists. Unfortunately, once you are forgotten in the living world your time is up for good.

Rilla of Ingleside- Anne of Green Gables grew up, married and had many loving children. With sons off at war and daughters married Rilla is the last of her children living at home. Rilla needs to grow up and she will-the hard way, by love and loss.

*When She Woke- This novel has all of the sad heartbreak and defiant beauty of the book it was inspired by, The Scarlet Letter. Set in a future where society has taken giant leaps backward and plunged into a dark age of righteous morality and enforced Christian values. Hanna journeys to save herself from a life as a “Red”, her punishment for having a abortion.

*Delirium- Love is a disease. When you turn 18 you are cured forever. Lena can’t wait until that day. And then she meets a boy.

Battle Royale- Thirty teens fight to the death. Only one can win.

Shades of Grey- In a distant future a person is born with the ability to only see some colors. The more color you can see, the higher your standing in society. One near perfect Red is about to rock the boat on this idea.

Flashforward- An experiment at CERN has a surprising affect. Everyone on the planet flashes forward through time 20 years to catch a 2 minute glimpse of their furture.

*=Favorite books of the year. I would recommend them to just about anyone!

2010 Reading List

1. The Bridge of Birds (Fantasy)
2. Catching Fire (YA)
3. Salem's Lot (Horror)
4. Cat's Eye (Fiction)
5. Kiln People (Science Fiction)
6. A Study in Scarlet (Classic Fiction/Mystery)
7. The Invisible Man (Classic Fiction/Horror)
8. The Devil Wears Prada (Fiction)
9. Gone With the Wind (Classic Fiction)
10. Raise the Titanic! (Mystery)
11. The Road (Fiction)
12. Little Women (Classic Fiction)
13. March (Fiction)
14. Two from Galilee (Religious Fiction)
15. We (Science Fiction)
16. The Forever War (Science Fiction)
17. Dead Until Dark (Fantasy)
18. This Is the Way the World Will End (Fiction)
19. Girl with the Pearl Earring (Historical Fiction)
20. Monsters of Templeton (Historical Fiction)
21. Remember Me (Fiction)
22. Collected Stories: Minority Report (Science Fiction/Collection)
23. Ender's Game (Science Fiction)
24. Talented Mr. Ripley (Mystery)
25. Blindness (Horror)
26. Mockingjay (YA)
27. I'll Take You There (Fiction)
28. Practical Demonkeeping (Fantasy/Humor)
29. Ubik (Science Fiction)
30. The Eyre Affair (Mystery/Humor)
31. Ilium (Science Fiction)
32. My Sister's Keeper (Medical Fiction)
33. Acceptable Risk (Medical Fiction)
34. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Classic Children's Fiction)
35. The Windup Girl (Science Fiction)

2009 Reading List

1. A Lion Among Men (Fantasy)
2. Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (Humor/Fantasy)
3. The True Story of Hansel and Gretel (Historical Fiction)
4. Round Ireland With A Fridge (Non Fiction)
5. Downward to Earth (Science Fiction)
6. Alph (Science Fiction)
7. Never Let Me Go (Science Fiction)
8. Anthem (Science Fiction)
9. Treason (Science Fiction)
10. The Once and Future King (Fantasy)
11. The Picture of Dorian Gray (Classical Fiction/Horror)
12. Flatland (Science Fiction)
13. Pride & Prejudice (Classical Fiction)
14. Jennifer Government (Science Fiction)
15. Magic Street (Fantasy)
16. The Hound of Baskervilles (Classical Fiction/Mystery)
17. The Jungle Book (Classical/Children's Fiction)
18. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Classical Fiction)
19. Atonement (Historical Fiction)
20. The Time Traveler's Wife (Fiction)
21. The Red Heart (Historical Fiction)
22. Hyperion (Science Fiction)
23. Nickle and Dimed (Non Fiction)
24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Fantasy/YA Fiction)
25. The Bourne Identity (Suspense)
26. Flowers for Algernon (Science Fiction)
27. Never Cry Wolf (Non Fiction)
28. Lords and Ladies (Humor/Fantasy)
29. Wyrd Sisters (Humor/Fantasy)
30. Skipping Christmas (Fiction)
31. A Prayer For Owen Meany (Fiction)
32. The Hunger Games (Science Fiction)

My Bookboxes-

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Round 3 Box (Started 08/11/2008)

Traveling Bear (Started 2006-Lost to Tammysavala)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Box Round 2 (Started 07/2007-Stalled with Congestedchi)
2 or More Box (Started 10/2007-Stalled with Rockbird)

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30th B-Day Sci Fi Box (Started 05/2007-Returned 07/2007)

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Also-I moved to Washington state two years ago from the valley of California. I've been with my wonderful boyfriend (the world renowned journalist) for almost seven years. I love small cats and I hate small children. I have a degree in Theatre, I work for a theatre, I like to go to the theatre, I dream about theatre...I also love chai tea, chocolate, homemade soap, my cat and (obviously) books.

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