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03/31/2012 My beautiful daughter, Kylin married the love of her life: John. I wished them forever happiness.

Please know that if you post something for me to see that it would take several days for me to be back online to see it. It may also take me days to journal a book received in the post, as I do not regular computer access at home at this time.

The State of New Jersey is going to be in for some tough decisions as our new Governor takes his position next week. As a state worker, I am hoping for the best outcome for all the changes he will be making.

Of the 38 bookrings that I have read this year. 2 are still in my possesion: 1 received by me in late October and the other received in December. I have sent pm's to both organizers about still having them and apologized for the delay. Have heard nothing from them yet. Hope to get them out in the mail next week. Of the 36 sent on, all except 3 have been journalled as received by the next participant. 1 was sent out in March 2009 but not received until from the journal entry. I communicated with the next participant to see if she would check the post mark, verifying the date sent. Though she communicated with me several times, she was angry and never responded to the request. :-(. I don't know how else to handle this matter, I have kept all receipts recently and have tried to scan them into a friend's computer and then load them on as the "photo" for the book, it has not been successful that far.

I will be posting links here of the RABCKS I have sent out, to the best of my knowledge everyone has received at least 1 books as required in the sweepstakes and most times 3 or 4 books.

RABCKS or Sweepstakes contests books sent:
2. Wicked
3. Santa Cruise

Widowed 04/06/2005. Full-time employed.

01/24/2010 I have two grown children 27 and 20. The 20 year old has just moved into my husband's house that I purchased in July 2009, this should lift some of the burden of two mortgages from my shoulders. Please continue to pray that the rest of the Estate will be resolved soon. It has been a very long 23 months. My son was only 19 when he stood up to the man trying to take over the estate without a valid signed will. He did this on behalf of himself and his two older half-sisters. It was a huge undertaking for a young man and I agreed to assist him. Two houses have sold... one 08/01/2008 and one on 07/17/2009(to me). We have 1 more house to sell, it has been by the tenant/man who tried to take over when my son's grandmother passed away. We would like to have some closure and move on with the rest of life. For those wanting to send vibes, prayers, etc. they are most welcome: we are hoping that the mortgage company will accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Thank you all.

An avid reader, I read all genres and usually purchase at yard sales, library sales, good will, etc.

BOOKRINGS/rays THAT I HAVE STARTED or continued: that are still in bookcrossing

1. Ella Minnow Pea continuing
2. Sisters of the Quilt Series active and looking for new readrs.
3. Wild Rose short bookring
4. The Red Tent active and looking for new readers
5. News from Paraguay
6. The Redemption of Sarah Cain gone missing?
7. Cause Celeb gone missing?
8. Chosen started
9. Hidden Secrets active and looking for new readers

#5 House of Sand and Fog

1. Couldn't Keep It To Myself lost in the post
2. Shopaholic Abroad - Lost in the post
3. Divine Secrets of the YA YA Sisterhood - Stalled/Lost in the post
4. House of Sand and Fog lost in the post
5. Bet Me lost in the post

BOOKRINGS on the list for:

2004 Personal goal of 50 books. Going to try for 100 in 2005

2005 books read.

Books read in 2006

Books read in 2007

Books read in 2008

Books read in 2009

Books read in 2010

The 2009 Rabck Challenge

1. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella posted 01/02/2009
2. The Orchard Fire posting 01/07/2009
3. The Dead Next Door posted 01/06/2009
4. Dive from Claussen's Pier Planned release once read.

2009 Challenge:
JAN ~ Food and Drink
titles that include the words food/ drink or books about food and drink
e.g. Blackberry Wine, The Lollipop Shoes
1. The Undomestic Goddess. 01/01/2009 posted out 01/02/2009 as a RABCK to wishlist bc'er 3
2. The Olive Farm 01/03/2009 started a bookray 3
3. The Undead Next Door 01/06/2009 RABCK. 3
4. Tastes Like Chicken 01/07/2009 offered as a bookring. 3
5. Dead Until Dark continuing bookring. 3
6. Orchard on Fire RABCK read and released 2
7. Candy Girl 01/10/2009 posted to the next reader r,r,t 3 points
8. Coffee Will Make You Black. r, r, t, 3 points. Wild release
9. Before I Die read and released 2 points
10. Five Quarters of the Orange r,r,t 3 points
11. Dragon's Egg r,r,t 3 points
12. Abomination r, 1 point
13. The Midnight Club release only 1 point
14. Such A Pretty Fat (r,r,t)
33. points to date 01/27/2009

Here are all the places in the United States where I have sent books:

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