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From Bern, Bern / Berne Switzerland
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Hey there!

I've been a bookcrosser for eight years now and I still call myself lucky to have found this site. I read books, that I would never have found myself and I go places, e.g. all the 26 cantons of Switzerland in 24 hours (see Release Challenges).

And yes, I know it's not the newest picture. But it's the best of me while reading. So, it stays even though the mohawk didn't.

Release Challenges:
It's actually only one challenge at the moment and I managed it already a while ago. I released 26 books - one in each canton (county) of Switzerland - within one day. Yes, a Tour de Suisse with public transport. My release schedule for March 7, 2007:

05:20 Martigny (VS)" target="regal">"Jean-Luc persécuté"
06:20 Lausanne (VD)" target="regal">"Derborence"
07:14 Genève (GE)" target="regal">"Der Skorpionfisch"
08:43 Neuchâtel (NE)" target="regal">"Andorra"
09:06 Kerzers (FR)" target="regal">"Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe"
09:50 Biel (BE)" target="regal">"Der Grosse Kurt"
10:00 Grenchen (SO)" target="regal">"Die Frau im Pelz"
10:23 Delémont (JU)" target="regal">"Leib und Leben"
10:35 Laufen (BL)" target="regal">"Ich habe im Traum die Schweiz gesehn"
11:07 Basel (BS)" target="regal">"Der Mensch erscheint im Holozän"
Aargauer release in the train" target="regal">"Brenner"
12:12 Zürich (ZH)" target="regal">"Das Leben der Matrosen"
12:41 Pfäffikon (SZ)" target="regal">"Die Steinflut"
12:59 after Ziegelbrücke (GL) in the train [the train station is in another canton]" target="regal">"Homo faber"
13:33 Landquart (GR)" target="regal">"Die Rückeroberung"
15:10 Gais (AR)" target="regal">"Die Hochzeit des Mönchs"
15:33 Appenzell (AI)" target="regal">"Elsi die seltsame Magd"
16:48 St. Gallen (SG)" target="regal">"Harmloses, bitte & zwei Romane"
Thurgauer release in the train" target="regal">"Gegen unseren Briefträger konnte man nichts machen"
18:16 Schaffhausen (SH)" target="regal">"Dienstbüchlein"
19:29 Zug (ZG)" target="regal">"Richtig leben mit Geri Weibel"
20:07 Luzern (LU)" target="regal">"Luzern"
20:21 Hergiswil (NW)" target="regal">"Mitgespielt"
20:30 Alpnachstad (OW)" target="regal">"Im Sommer des Hasen"
23:16 Erstfeld (UR)" target="regal">"Wilhelm Tell für die Schule"
00:37 Bellinzona (TI)" target="regal">"Romulus der Grosse"

Sadly, so far not one journal entry has been made. But, I hope that at least they've been read.

Links to the OBCZ in Berne:" target="regal">go-hunting-list of OBCZ O Bolles" target="regal">and how to get there

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