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From Darwin, Northern Territory Australia
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I read most genre's but mostly I love books that make me think, make me cry, make me go wow, make me go aaah and make me laugh - if I can get all of them in one book - so much the better.

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10/10 (A) - Impressive story, is among the best books I've ever read. This book spoke to me, changed me, and moved me. A 'Wow' book.

9/10 - I couldn't put this book down. I carved out extra reading time just so I could finish it. This book got carted into the bathroom with me, read over meals, read at work, or kept me up late at night. If this author has more work, I will certainly read it.

8/10 (B) - Excellent. This is a book I will be recommending to all my friends.

7/10 - Above average - It didn't break my heart to return it to the library, but it was still a pretty darn good read.

6/10 (C) - Better to read than cleaning the bathroom, but had some serious flaws that stopped me from complete enjoyment.

5/10 - Did not overly like or dislike the book. Some parts of this book were enjoyable, but other parts were a real yawner.

4/10 (D) - It was OK. But whatever redeemable aspects there were to this book,they were not fleshed out enough for me to truly enjoy it.

3/10 - There was little to nothing enjoyable about this book. Certainly not one I would recommend to anyone.

2/10 (E) - Don't waste your time. I only finished this to discuss for a book-club.

1/10 - It is a sad commentary on the state of publishing today that a tree actually died to produce this drivel. I possibly didn't even finish it, it was so bad, toilet paper anyone?

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