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From Perth City, Western Australia Australia
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I love to read - always have since I was young, I guess that's why I'm here!

I found my first book-crossing book in my work's lost property quite a few years ago now. Loved the idea. I registered all my books the same week I joined, and have been hooked ever since!

I try to organise a book bag or two each year, and the odd ring or ray. I also wild release, but success rate is fairly low. Every now and then I get a surprise journal which makes it worthwhile.

I do read ebooks, but still somehow seem to accumulate "real" books (probably because I can't stay out of op shops, used book shops, and now I am close to about 4 little free libraries, which I only visit with the intention of dropping off my excess books, but I'm sure you can guess how that usually ends!).

I love books and I pretty much want to keep all that I liked, but I am starting to realise it's not like the old days when I would re-read a book over and over and couldn't afford a lot - thanks to Ibooks, I am constantly getting freebies and I never seem to get a chance to get through my pile, let alone reread old favourites. Nevertheless, there are some that I just can't part with. I'm sure you all know how that is!

Recently, postage overseas has reached ridiculous levels here, so I can't participate in as many RABCK's and trades as I once did. I still budget to participate in things such as HGG and my book bags, but unfortunately I can't accept unsolicited requests for books on my AVL at the moment. When I can, I offer RABCK on the forums.

Other things about me - I have two spoiled dogs. I love dogs and couldn't imagine life without them. When I am not reading, I am watching movies. I love most kinds - particularly art house, chick flicks and 80's films (showing my age!). I love music and taking photos on Instagram too. I am a lifetime Molly Ringwald fan. Pretty in Pink is my all time favourite.

I have not travelled a great deal, but I hope to do a little more of it. Last holiday was to Tokyo, which I loved. I have been three times and have been learning the language for the last two years. I hope to visit again next year. I am a big fan of Japanese kitschy stuff, Hello Kitty, gachyapon, the sweets...♥️
Also like Barbie, anything glittery, chocolate, stuff from the 70's and 80's and nice perfumes!

I love to read a good chick lit, thriller, horror, and any japanese authors. (In English, I hasten to add, my Japanese reading level is less then pre school level!). I don't really like harlequin style romances or stories about excessively clucky women or war books, but I will give most other books a go!

My wish list is kept up to date.

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