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From La Ronge, Saskatchewan Canada
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I get a lot of requests for books in my bookshelf but most of them have already been released. I'm a little slow at entering them into the released catagory. I live in an area where books are not readily available. Some villages and towns don't have anywhere to buy books or even magazines and newspapers. So if you have access to a computer and can read this, you are much better off than most of the people to whom I send my books. Some people never learn to read because there is nothing to read. I'm trying to fix this by sending as many books as I can to remote areas of Northern Canada. If I don't send you a book you request it is because either I can't find it amongst my boxes of books or it has already been released but not yet recorded as such.

I am a retired bookseller and I have a huge library of books I've either already read or will never read - most of which I've gotten for free. This is a great way to redistribute them. I also now work at a library where I can give away books that the library doesn't want anymore. I'm in Northern Saskatchewan and the nearest bookstore is 150 miles (250 Kms) away. We have a great local library (my wife is the library administrator) but I want people to own their books so I don't really care if most of my books don't get re-released. I've got plenty to go around and eventually some people will begin to release them to others. I have a few Bookcrossing locations but I try to remain anonymous so I sneak in and leave books when no one is looking. It's more fun this way.

I would like to thank all the libraries in Saskatchewan who are sending me all the books that they no longer want. I would also like to thank Cogema Mining and Cameco Mining for providing transportation for books to their mine sites in Northern Saskatchewan. My thanks also go out to Bebe Ivanochko, the Literacy Coordinator for Northern Saskatchewan for her help with distributing the books.

"Who wants a room full of books you've already read!" - Harlan Ellison.

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