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From Midland, Texas USA
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I'm a big reader. Mainly fantasy, horror, but I'll try almost anything. It's just hard to find time these days. I really like the idea of bookcrossing but it just doesn't seem to be catching on in this city. My releases here seem to go unclaimed.
If you like a book on my bookshelf and would like to trade, let me know. I would prefer US and Canada (cuz I'm broke). I don't have everything listed here, but I am willing to dig around and see if I have what you are looking for.
Not much to share about myself right now. I now live in my own apartment and spend much of my time trying to find furniture for it. I still have the steroid-taking, drooler cat, and the non-drooling boyfriend but not much else has changed.
I work in a clinical laboratory but I'm thinking about a change in careers because I am a bit bored.
I like to work out, jet-ski, snow ski, sleep, and read. I also find that both the boyfriend and I have a great passion for food (eating it not necessarily cooking it) so I guess the working out habit is a good one. :)
This picture is my cat Pookie (Pukey) and her tinfoil ball. She holds it when I throw two of them so she only has to chase the one around.
UPDATE: Right now, I'm taking classes and working full time. I am enrolled in Nursing school and will find out in a month if I will be accepted into the spring semester. I'm taking a few necessary classes right now so if you don't see much of me, that is why. I'm still trying to do a little bookcrossing but it is directed more to the actual releasing and less to the forum. I've also seemed to get more unfriendly responses on the forum than kind ones and so have taken a break. I tend to be overly sensitive sometimes though and might have just let that cloud the responses. But hopefully when I feel better, and have more time, I'll be back and rarin' to go.
And because I once got donated wings, I am happy to say I have finally managed to pass some on.
Update2: In nursing school and therefore really broke and limited on free time. Which is why my bookcrossing has dropped steeply. But I'm still active and still trying to do some releases every now and again.
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