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I'm currently unable to trade or give books. Although I've enjoyed bookcrossing for several years now, lately I have been staying away - for two reasons, mainly:

1. My new full-time job is keeping me VERY busy (it's temporary, alas, but I have a few things in the works for the summer semesters and some teaching possibilities for the fall) and

2. Frankly, I've found that my marriage and family life improved when I stopped spending so much time online.

I have many wonderful friends at bookcrossing, and I miss you all! I do think of you often. I will try to check in once in a while over the summer - I just need to constantly find the right balance of spending time online but NOT overdoing it.

I do have one last, ongoing bookcrossing project (see below).

Hugs to you all!


The Journaleer Journal Ring (Non-Journaleers Welcome!)

The Journaleer Journal Ring is now in progress. I will post updates when the journal is, um, journaled. :-) Here is the information that is included with the journal, with some additional advice (number one is new):

A reminder of the guidelines:

1. This is a "free topic" journal ring, so write about whatever you want! I must admit, I was a bit nervous about being first to write in the journal. However, I hit on a good method to overcome my nervousness: I decided to pretend like I was hanging out with all the Journal ring participants, having a relaxed chat with them. (I believe chocolate was an integral part of the imagined gathering, too - so feel free to imagine YOUR choice of refreshment!)

There are no guidelines or limits to the topic; I just know I'm very much looking forward to reading whatever you all have to say :-)

2. Please be sure to keep the journal moving. Each bookcrosser should keep the journal for three weeks or less and then send it on to the next participant.

3. PM the person who is on the list after you to get his or her address.

4. Mail the journal to the next person on the list.

If you need to be taken off the list for any reason, please let me know! We'll just take you off the list, or put your name at the end - much better than having the journal stall or disappear.

I'd also encourage you to photocopy your journal entry before you send the book off to the next person. If the journal stalls or disappears, we will still have a record of the entries. You can keep these Xeroxed pages; I mostly want you all to have a record of your written words of wisdom if something happens to the journal itself.

Please feel free to contribute to the journal's decoration! You can put stickers on it or draw on it, whatever you’re inspired to do to make our journal more beautiful.
If you'd like to add anything to the journal package, I just suggest that you make the addition very light, so the next person won't be burdened with too much postage.

Here is the order of the journal rings (the name in caps is the person who currently has the journal.)


Back to Rainbowbabe :-)

I'm looking forward to reading all the entries. Have fun writing - and reading!

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