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I am a voracious reader across most genres and have always loved to talk about books and share my books with my friends.I am a great borrower of my friends' books, but not always so good at returning them. It is a good things my friends are of the same ilk.

Was inspired to join Bookcrossing when I read an article in The Australian in August, but then, true to form, did nothing. newk has prodded me into action. I will not call him a nag because he doesn't like it.

Unlike newk I do read some books more than once so it is hard to let books I have loved go.

Favourite books/authors no particular order

Isabelle Allende, Anne Tyler, Margaret Attwood, Amy Tan, Tim Winton (sigh),
Isobelle Carmody, David Malouf, Hitchhhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
Wild Swans, My Place, The Magic Pudding, The Narnia Series, Dune .. but none of its sequels, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pride and Prejudice......

When I was about 14 I thought "Wuthering Heights" was the best book I had ever read and that Cathy and Heathcliff were the most romantic of star-crossed lovers. When I reread it as an adult I was appalled at my teenage self. How could I have identified so strongly with such unpleasant abusive people! How our ideas change with the wisdom bought with time and experience.

When I was at uni I was an avid reader of science fiction...Asimov, Heinlein, Niven, Brunner, Sheckley... Recently, in a huge clean out, I discarded 9 boxes of mostly sci-fi books, all donated to the Salvation Army. What fun I could have had bookcrossing them. Aahh, such is life. (Ned Kelly's final words.)

newk conned me into being involved in The Bogan Book Box.


Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs

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