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Hello and welcome!

I LOVE books!!! People around me know that I am a passionate bookcrosser and sothey all search their libraries and give me all their loved books so that they can be set free again :)
If you see a book that you like on my bookshelf please PM me. I am happy to swap books.

More books coming soon. Lots of my friends are in the process of building, renovating & moving... I'll keep you posted.

I get heaps of recommendations for great books. My main interests:

- spiritual books
- books on energetic healing, homeopathy, alternative healing, angels, aromatherapy, kinesiology, animal communication, numerology...
- books on country know how, organic gardening, self-sufficiency and alternate lifestyle most welcome!
- any interesting medieval novel (English or German), eg Safran für Venedig by Helga Glaesener, Die Liebe des Kartographen by Petra Durst-Benning, Die Rückkehr der Hakima by Kari Köster-Lösche

Emotionale Balance by Roy Martina by Roy Martina
Krankheit als Symbol by Rüdiger Dahlke, Margit Dahlke, Christine Stecher
Krankheit als Sprache der Seele by Rüdiger Dahlke
Weisheit der Seele by Varda Hasselmann, Frank Schmolke

Tamburlaine the Great: Christopher Marlowe, By Christopher Marlowe, Joseph Sandy Cunningham, Eithne Henson

Manifesto for a New World Order, by George Monbiot

The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization, by Thomas Homer-Dixon

The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century, by James Howard Kunstler

When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival, by Matthew Stein

Country Wisdom & Know-How, by The Editors of Storey Publishing's Country Wisdom Boards

The Big Book of Self-Reliant Living: Advice and Information on Just About Everything You Need to Know to Live on Planet Earth, by Walter Szykitka

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds for Domestic Supply, Fire and Emergency Use--Includes How to Make Ferrocement Water Tanks, by Art Ludwig

Earth-Sheltered Houses: How to Build an Affordable..., by Rob Roy (Author)

Earth Sheltered Housing Design: Guidelines, Examples, and References, by Underground Space Center (Author), Minnesota Energy Agency (Author)

Underground Buildings: More Than Meets the Eye, by Loretta Hall

Earth Shelter Technology, by Lester L. Boyer

Art of Natural Building, by Joseph F. Kennedy

The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It, by John Seymour

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables, by Mike Bubel, Nancy Bubel

Storey's Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance, by John Storey (Author), Martha Storey

Handy Farm Devices: And How to Make Them, by Rolfe Cobleigh

Forgotten Household Crafts, by John Seymour, Gillian Emerson-Roberts

Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems, by Lance Gunderson, C. S. Holling

Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, by Lester R. Brown

Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, by Alex Steffen

Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises, by Architecture for Humanity

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, by Douglas R. Hofstadter

If you have one or more of these and want to free them or if you would like to have one or more of my available books... please let me know :)

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