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From Burlington, Vermont USA
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Hi, I'm Pam, a book lover (and book collector) from waaaaaay back. Both my father and my Grandfather had extensive libraries, and altho I tend to collect different things, I've got quite a library of my own, though it is small by father and grandfather’s standards, is still quite a lot of books (something people who helped move me the last time reminded me of as they lift box after box of books onto the truck). My friend who built my bookshelves and helped with the last move claims I had 141 linear feet of books (and that was 11 years ago, so I've run out of shelf space since then and will soon have to commission more shelves).

While I LOVE the BookCrosser concept, I won't let go of my own books, but I WILL get doubles and release those!

While I've made many attempts to cull my library, they've NEVER resulted in me letting go of more than a few plastic grocery bags worth of books, thus NOT solving my space problems at all, because the only books I can let go of are those I've NEVER re-read, and never wanted to. Of course, that does beg the question: why did I keep them in the first place? Of course, there haven't been that many, at least compared the number of books sitting on my shelves.

Please click on My Wish List if you'd like to see all the books I'd LOVE to read next (and my motto, like so many others, is that there can NEVER be enough books).

If you’d like to view my bookshelf in one page, click on My One Page Bookshelf. A BIG thanks to CasualReader for this wonderful tool. If you'd like to use it, click on her site: and enter "yourusename" in the text box you see there! It's a pretty kewl invention she's so generous in sharing!

Wild Releases That Were Caught (my wild catch rate is 24%):

  1. My very FIRST catch (which was the sixth book that I released) Plum Island was found by book-slut who took it back to Canada with her. YEA! another book travels away from Burlington, Vermont!
  2. The Godfather, the 17th book I released, was found by another AnonymousFinder who described himself as an "expat Scot living in VT" who loved the BookCrossing concept and plans to join. He also says: "I might try and re-release this book in the UK (boy would that give my book some airmiles)."
  3. Glass of Blessings, the 14th book I released, was found by LUV2BLYDNCE. This was her first catch, tho she caught TWO of mine this day, and went on to catch another book of mine.
  4. Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies and Impossible Expectations, the 28th book I released, was found by LUV2BLYDNCE, her second catch of one of my books.
  5. The Winner, the third book I released, was found by LUV2BLYDNCE, her third catch of one of my books.
  6. Heinlein Trio, the 24th book I released, was found by an AnonymousFinder -- who signed themselves Zia -- who said they were going to leave it in Salem Massachusetts at the Front Street Café. They also said "Let's see how long we can keep this in coffee shops" so when it’s journalled next, we'll see how it turns out.
  7. Dead in the Water, the 21st book I released, was found by Blazeybabe on the waterfront in Burlington (right where I left it) and then turned around and left it in California so I can't wait to see where it's journalled from next.
  8. The Scandalous Miss Howard, the 34th book I released, was found by jma who wrote her first journal entry as an anonymous finder, but then joined up. She later left the book at the same ATM she found it at.

Wild Releases I SAW Caught, But Weren't Journalled (Yet):

  1. The Eagle's Gift, the 29th book I released, was found by a gentleman who saw me put it down on the waiting room table in my chiropractor's office, picked it up and started reading it, and asked me as I was leaving if I was done with it, and when I said I was said "Kewl!" No journal yet, but I'm hoping.
  2. Excellent Women, the 27th book I released, was found by three teenagers. Unfortunately, this book has a sadder story, since the finders had little respect for books -- I wrote a fable in my journal entry to help me deal with the loss.
  3. I'm OK--You're OK, the 26th book I released, was found by the same finders of the previous novel, but I’m hoping it has a happier future (at least it wasn't ripped up before my eyes).

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