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UPDATE OCT 27 2015
I've been inactive on BC for almost a year. I am gradually trying to catch up where I left off. If I have not responded to messages and requests, I am sorry. I needed a total break for a while. Thanks for your understanding.

~Ελληνικό κείμενο παρακάτω.

An encounter with a book is a matter of chance. I like to be surprised.

"For me a work of fiction exists only in so far as it affords me what I shall bluntly call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy) is the norm."
Vladimir Nabokov, "On a Book Entitled Lolita"

Whence the name Okyrhoe / Ωκυρρόη:" target=_new>astronomy ~" target=_new>mythology ~" target=_new>astrology ~" target=_new>orbit


Book Rings & Rays I've organized
I (used to) list my bookrings at" target=_new>The Bookring Directory when it was avl." target=_new>The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah international New!
Nemesis by Jo Nesbo bookray (Greece)
Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson international" target=_new>Kafka on the Shore bookray (Greece)" target=_new>The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak (completed)" target=_new>Out of Egypt: a Memoir by André Aciman on hold" target=_new>Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa (completed)" target=_new>The Reluctant Mullah (completed)" target=_new>Outlaw Lover (Black Lace) by Saskia Hope (completed)" target=_new>Venus as a Boy by Luke Sutherland (completed)" target=_new>Bollywood Nights by Shobhaa De lost?" target=_new>Mathematics and Sex by Clio Cresswell (completed)" target=_new>A Journey Around My Room by Xavier De Maistre stalled by OnlyLiana?" target=_new>The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh (completed)" target=_new>Ouran High School Host Club, vol 1 & 2 by Bisco Hatori (completed, but you can join Lottiota's new bookray list)" target=_new>The Persian Boy by Mary Renault (completed)" target=_new>The Blue Bedspread by Raj Kamal Jha (completed, now on a Ray-It-Forward journey)" target=_new>Death of an Ancient King by Laurent Gaudé (completed)

297 Book rings/rays I have participated in
click on title to see journal entry" target=_new>1 The Grand Complication" target=_new>2 Lolita" target=_new>3 The Namesake" target=_new>4 The Lovely Bones
www.bookcrossing.comjournal/1753131" target=_new>5 The Real Life of Sebastian Knight" target=_new>6 Female Chauvinist Pigs" target=_new>7 Fetish Girls" target=_new>8 Laughter in the Dark" target=_new>9 Bitch" target=_new>10 The Bathhouse" target=_new>11 Pigs in Heaven" target=_new>12 Brokeback Mountain" target=_new>13 Small Wonder" target=_new>14 Reading Lolita in Teheran" target=_new>15 I Was a Teenage Dominatrix" target=_new>16 The Old Man and His God" target=_new>17 Bitch" target=_new>18 Gypsy Masala" target=_new>19 The Alchemy of Desire" target=_new>20 The Nasty Bits" target=_new>21 (un)Arranged Marriage" target=_new>22 Curious Cats" target=_new>23 The Tuesday Erotica Club" target=_new>24 The Map of Love" target=_new>25 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed" target=_new>26 Sarajevo Marlboro" target=_new>27 Regarding the Pain of Others" target=_new>28 The Powerbook" target=_new>29 Broken For You" target=_new>30 Human Croquet" target=_new>31 Go Ask Alice" target=_new>32 The Palm-Wine Drinkard" target=_new>33 The Road" target=_new>34 Midaresomenishi: A Legend of Samurai Love" target=_new>35 Fury" target=_new>36 Πες στη μορφίνη ακόμα την ψάχνω" target=_new>37 Jamie's Little Book of Big Treats" target=_new>38 Το Τραγούδι του Έρωτα" target=_new>39 Η θεωρία των νεφών" target=_new>40 The Piano Teacher" target=_new>41 Sightseeing" target=_new>42 Burned Alive" target=_new>43 Χωρίς Αίμα" target=_new>44 Κανάλ Ντ' Αμούρ" target=_new>45 A Man" target=_new>46 Asleep" target=_new>47 Surprise BookXcerpts" target=_new>48 Cafe Europa" target=_new>49 The Book of Proper Names" target=_new>50 Θα γίνω ντιζέζ" target=_new>51 Ouran High School Host Club" target=_new>52 A Heart of Stone" target=_new>53 54 55 56 mafaldaQ's 4x4 Architecture bookring" target=_new>57 House of Bush, House of Saud" target=_new>58 World's End" target=_new>59 Walking the Rez Road" target=_new>60 Ouran High School Host Club vol 2" target=_new>61 Forbidden Pleasure" target=_new>62 The Reluctant Fundamentalist" target=_new>63 In the Country of Men" target=_new>64 Funny in Farsi" target=_new>65 Confessions of a Yakuza" target=_new>66 I Shall Never Return" target=_new>67 The Rice Mother" target=_new>68 The Bollywood Beauty" target=_new>69 The Summer of my Greek Taverna" target=_new>70 Tie and Tease" target=_new>71 Topping from Below" target=_new>72 Σιλάνς Σιλβουπλέ" target=_new>73 Bodily Secrets" target=_new>74 Άπαντα του Καρυωτάκη" target=_new>75 Bitter Sweets" target=_new>76 Το ημερολόγιο ενός τιμονιέρη" target=_new>77 78 79 Η Φωτεινή της Νύχτας 1, 2, & 3" target=_new>80 Fast Food Nation" target=_new>81 No Matter How Hard You Promise" target=_new>82 Shame" target=_new>83 Arlington Park" target=_new>84 The Almost Moon" target=_new>85 broken verses" target=_new>86 The Ivory and the Horn" target=_new>87 Ο άνθρωπος που κοιτάζει" target=_new>88 The Ages of Lulu" target=_new>89 Signspotting" target=_new>90 Η παλιά πόλη των Χανίων
91 Nothing Personal
92 I Shall Never Return 02
93 I Shall Never Return 03
94 I, The Divine: A Novel in First Chapters
95 Sister of My Heart
96 The Howling Miller
97 Never Let Me Go
98 Reefer Madness
99 Why Men Love Bitches
100 When You Are Engulfed in Flames
101 Το εργοστάσιο των μολυβιών
102 Παλιά, Πολύ παλιά
103 Ο Θεραπευτής
104 Prince Charming vol. 1
105 The Passion
106 Maps for Lost Lovers
107 Το Μπαράκι του Τσάρλι
108 Wifey
109 Trans-sister Radio
110 Inner Circle" target=_new>111 The Yacoubian Building" target=_new>112 Arranged Marriage" target=_new>113 Κρήτη μου" target=_new>114 In For A Penny" target=_new>115 Heat" target=_new>116 Salt and Saffron" target=_new>117 Tight White Cotton" target=_new>118 The Omnivore's Dilemma" target=_new>119 Λήθη" target=_new>120 Fort Frederick" target=_new>121 White Rose Ensnared" target=_new>122 The Mango Season" target=_new>123 Persepolis 2" target=_new>124 Temper Tantrum" target=_new>125 The Happy Hooker" target=_new>126 Maus II" target=_new>127 Τυχαία Είσοδος" target=_new>128 Ο Θείος μου ο Ναπολέων" target=_new>129 Juliet Rising" target=_new>130 Dirty Laundry" target=_new>131 Neigbourhood Watch" target=_new>132 Uniform Doll" target=_new>133 Bare Behind" target=_new>134 Peach" target=_new>135 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" target=_new>136 Londonstani" target=_new>137 Queen of the Road" target=_new>138 Penny Pieces" target=_new>139 Longing for toys" target=_new>140 The Persian Girl" target=_new>141 The Curriculum Vitae of Aurora Ortiz" target=_new>142 Rubyfruit Jungle" target=_new>143 Conceit and Consequence" target=_new>144 Women Without Men" target=_new>145 Fit to be Tied" target=_new>146 Tickle Torture" target=_new>147 Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor" target=_new>148 Darwin: A Graphic Biography" target=_new>149 Unimagined" target=_new>150 Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" target=_new>151 The Last Taboo" target=_new>152 Πικρά κεράσια" target=_new>153 Rewind" target=_new>154 Dance of the Ariadnes" target=_new>155 Sharon Spencer: A Memorial" target=_new>156 Bastard Out of Carolina" target=_new>157 Dubai Tales" target=_new>158 Fool For Love" target=_new>159 The Boss" target=_new>160 Pagan Heat" target=_new>161 Strip Girl" target=_new>162 Μάγισσες" target=_new>163 A Short Border Handbook" target=_new>164 Skim" target=_new>165 Beastly Behaviour" target=_new>166 Belle de Jour" target=_new>167 The Royal Ghosts" target=_new>168 Embroideries" target=_new>169 The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto" target=_new>170 Tropical Animal" target=_new>171 Cuckold" target=_new>172 The Rights of the Reader" target=_new>173 Uniform Dolls" target=_new>174 Marly's Choice" target=_new>175 The Slap" target=_new>176 Fun Home" target=_new>177 Life a User's Manual" target=_new>178 Monstrous" target=_new>179 The Unadulterated Cat" target=_new>180 Butter Wouldn't Melt" target=_new>181 The History of Love" target=_new>182 Wicked Obsession" target=_new>183 Treasure Trail" target=_new>184 On The Bare" target=_new>185 Blushing at Both Ends" target=_new>186 How I Became a Nun" target=_new>187 Η Μεγάλη Άρκτος" "target=_new">188 Νίκος Καββαδίας: Γυναίκα-Θάλασσα Ζωή" "target=_new">189 Νίκος Καββαδίας-Ο δαίμονας χόρευε μέσα του" "target=_new">190 Night Train To Lisbon" "target=_new">191 Nauti Dreams" target=_new>192 Best Women's Erotica #3" "target=_new">193 Call Me By Your Name" "target=_new">194 Ooku 2" "target=_new">195 Ooku 3" target=_new>196 Unaccustomed Earth" "target=_new">197 Perfume" "target=_new">198 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" "target=_new">199 Tales from the Firozsha Baag" "target=_new">200 Αθήναιου βορβορυγμοί" "target=_new">201 Submission" "target=_new">202 The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" "target=_new">203 City of Dreaming Books" target=_new>204 Ο Τούρκος στον κήπο" target=_new>205 The Translator" target=_new>206 The Song of Kahunsha" target=_new>208 Dance Dance Dance" target=_new>209 Memories of My Melancholy Whores" target=_new>210 The Writing on My Forehead" target=_new>211 Sputnik Sweetheart" target=_new>212 A Case of Exploding Mangoes" target=_new>213 Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women" target=_new>214 White Ghost Girls" target=_new>215 Q and A" target=_new>216 Ooku vol. 1" target=_new>217 Bad Karma" target=_new>218 Burnt Shadows" target=_new>219 Brothel" target=_new>220 Absolutely Faking It" target=_new>221 Secrets vol. 1" target=_new>222 Secrets vol. 4" target=_new>223 Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy!" target=_new>224 The Piano Cemetery" target=_new>225 Beauty" target=_new>226 The Marriage Bureau for Rich People" target=_new>227 By Night Under the Stone Bridge" target=_new>228 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" target=_new>229 The Many Conditions of Love" target=_new>230 Jerusalem Spring" target=_new>231 Bunny Drop 1" target=_new>232 Italian Shoes" target=_new>233 Skippy Dies" target=_new>234 Memoirs of an Ex-Porno Queen" target=_new>235 Bunny Drop 2" target=_new>236 Bunny Drop 3" target=_new>237 The Wedding Wallah" target=_new>238 Border 01" target=_new>239 Red Riding Hood" target=_new>240 The Bookseller of Kabul" target=_new>241 The Housekeeper + the Professor" target=_new>242 Radio Shangri-La" target=_new>243 Shanghai Girls" target=_new>244 Motorcycles and Sweetgrass" target=_new>245 Three Trapped Tigers" target=_new>246 The Reluctant Mullah" target=_new>247 Kafka on the Shore" target=_new>248 The Devil and Daniel Silverman" target=_new> 249 Requiem for a Malta Fascist" target=_new>250 The Pigeon" target=_new>251 Purge" target=_new>252 Please Look after Mom" target=_new>253 The Last Will and Testament of Senhor Da Silva Araujo
256 Border 2
257 Border 3" target=_new>254 Season of Migration to the North" target=_new>255 Invisible" target=_new>256 Girl in Translation" target=_new>258 All She Was Worth" target=_new>257 The Help
259 Παραρλάμα και άλλες ιστορίες
260 Το Γιούσουρι και άλλες φανταστικές ιστορίες
261 Το Πτώμα" target=_new>262 Al-Naqba" target=_new>263 V for Vendetta" target=_new>264 Buddha in the Attic" target=_new>265 Zeitoun" target=_new>266 The Blind Owl" target=_new>267 The Crossroads" target=_new>268 Short Stories from Pakistan" target=_new>269 Bunny Drop 4" target=_new>270 A Grain of Wheat" target=_new>271 Undressing the Devil" target=_new>272 Pnin" target=_new>273 Pinball 1973" target=_new>274 What the Day Owes the Night" target=_new>275 The Vagina Monologues" target=_new>276 Dilemma of a Ghost" target=_new>277 Made in America" target=_new>278 The Marriage Plot" target=_new>279 Death at La Fenice" target=_new>280 Gone Girl" target=_new>281 Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad" target=_new>282 Αλάτι Κόκκινο" target=_new>283 What I Talk about When I Talk about Running" target=_new>284 The Anonymous Venetian" target=_new>285 A Venetian Reckoning" target=_new>286 Amma... a Frail Wooden Door" target=_new>287 Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" target=_new>288 The Captured : A True Story of Indian Abduction on the Texas Frontier" target=_new>289 Strange Weather in Tokyo" target=_new>290 The Sense of an Ending" target=_new>291 I Shall Never Return 4" target=_new>292 I Shall Never Return 5" target=_new>293 The Handsomest Man in the World" target=_new>294 The Fault in Our Stars" target=_new>295 Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda" target=_new> 296 We need new names

Bookrings/rays Now Reading:
click on title to see journal entry" target=_new>207 In Memoriam to Identity" target=_new>297 Birds of paradise" target=_new>..
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Book rings/rays I have signed up for:
*waiting to receive" target=_new>titihood's cookbook ring - stalled
Fast Food Nation by" target=_new>uofigirl - stalled 11/2006" target=_new>The Vagina Monologues by" target=_new>kleptokitty - stalled 10/2007" target=_new>Maps for Lost Lovers by" target=_new>Rivercassini - stalled 11/2006" target=_new>Gyn/Ecology by started by" target=_new>martinburo - stalled 11/2005" target=_new>The Myth of Monogamy by" target=_new>gaysocialworker - stalled 05/2007" target=_new>Το Ευαγγέλιο του Ιούδα by" target=_new>polydeukis - never started" target=_new>Σιωπηλός Επισκέπτης by" target=_new>StrangeEmily - stalled 09/2006" target=_new>Κάμα Σούτρα by" target=_new>polydeukis - never started" target=_new>A Cook's Tour by" target=_new>bluehawaii218 - asked to be skipped / stalled" target=_new>He's Just Not That Into You by" target=_new>LittleMoo - stalled 04/2007 target=_new>Kafka on the Shore by" target=_new>RustyReader2 - stalled 02/2010" target=_new>Πούστευε και μη ερεύνα by" target=_new>Luz-de-Luna - never started" target=_new>Cereus Blooms at Night by" target=_new>ArtisticAlias - stalled 06/2009" target=_new>White Weddings by" target=_new>gaysocialworker - never started" target=_new>Lost Souls by" target=_new>adeps - stalled 08/2007" target=_new>Out by" target=_new>meexia - asked to be skipped" target=_new>The Second Sex/" target=_new>Nature of The Second Sex by Annchen - not started" target=_new>The United States of Walmart by" target=_new>VividReader - stalled 01/2009" target=_new>A Woman's Journal by" target=_new>cordelia-anne - not started" target=_new>How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change a Planet? by" target=_new>Kernow8 - stalled 03/2008" target=_new>Οι Αφρικανοί στην Κρήτη - Χαλικούτες by" target=_new>StrangeEmily - stalled 09/2008" target=_new>...και κάτι πολύ προσωπικό by" target=_new>workaholicgr - not started" target=_new>Atonement by" target=_new>LindyLouMac - asked to be skipped" target=_new>Candy Girl by" target=_new>LadyKnightNiko - lost in mail??" target=_new>Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know about by" target=_new>Chantie - cancelled
*" target=_new>Grotesque by" target=_new>MooMoo1977 - stalled 09/2009" target=_new>Το καύσιμο της κόλασης started by" target=_new>panost - stalled 07/2009" target=_new>The White Tiger by" target=_new>Bookcloud - asked to be skipped" target=_new>In America by" target=_new>tinajaxie - cancelled" target=_new>Η Μαρία των Μογγόλων by" target=_new>karjim - asked to be skipped" target=_new>The Good Shopping Guide by" target=_new>Lottiotta - cancelled" target=_new>What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by" target=_new>Sarahmuh - stalled 10/2010 so joined another ring" target=_new>Full Frontal Feminism started by" target=_new>bindibooks - never started" target=_new>I am Muslim started by" target=_new>RebeccaToh - lost" target=_new>Listography started by" target=_new>herchelle - cancelled" target=_new>The Swedish Cavalier started by" target=_new>Vasha - lost

*" target=_new>A Life Stripped Bare: My Year Trying To Live Ethically started by" target=_new>LyzzyBee - up next (stalled?/lost?)" target=_new>The House of the Mosque started by" target=_new>Heaven-Ali - stalled" target=_new>Cutting for Stone started by" target=_new>valpete - asked to be removed

*" target=_new>The Castle of Crossed Destinies started by" target=_new>Danielle23 - up next (stalled?)" target=_new>Swamplandia started by" target=_new>Cassandra2020 (stalled?)" target=_new>The Book Thief started by" target=_new>Miss_Sunshine - asked to be removed" target=_new>Where We Once Belonged started by" target=_new>Askeladda - 8 hops to go

I've also participated in" target=_new>PokPok's Nonfiction Virtual Bookbox started by" target=_new>PokPok (" target=_new>round 1, 2," target=_new>round 3, & 4)" target=_new>Around the World Virtual Bookbox started by" target=_new>katrinat" target=_new>Two Worlds Virtual Bookbox started by" target=_new>loveamystery (rounds 1 & 2)" target=_new>Innae's over-18 bookspiral" target=_new>book-man-8's" target=_new>book spiral" target=_new>Intercultural VBB by" target=_new>ApoloniaX and" target=_new>contraforsa (" target=_new>round 1)" target=_new>Contemporary Asian Literature VBB started by" target=_new>ApoloniaX (rounds 1 & 2 & 3)" target=_new>book-man-8's" target=_new>bookbox" target=_new>Shroffland's &" target=_new>ApoloniaX's Global Village VBB (rounds" target=_new>1 &" target=_new>2)" target=_new>ApoloniaX's" target=_new>East Asian VBB (rounds 1 & 2)" target=_new>elstaplador's" target=_new>LGBTQ Virtual Bookbox" target=_new>ApoloniaX's" target=_new>South-East Asian VBB" target=_new>Samrana's" target=_new>Japanese Author VBB" target=_new>Annimanni's" target=_new>All About Africa Intl VBB" target=_new>ApoloniaX's" target=_new>South Asian VBB (Vol. I & II)" target=_new>eicuthbertson's" target=_new>Murder In Translation Mystery/Thriller VBB" target=_new>DubaiReader's Global Fiction VBB," target=_new>round 1 &" target=_new>round 2" target=_new>Vekiki's European Non-Fiction VBB (" target=_new>round 4 &" target=_new>Spring 2013 Round &" target=_new>Autumn 2013 Round Autumn 2014 round )" target=_new>noname-blue's" target=_new>Commissario Brunetti book spiral (first parcel)" target=_new>Boekentrol's" target=_new>EU Many Languages/Genres VBB
Woohoo! You made it this far down the page! A little surprise for you -->
Blood Comes First (high-speed internet connection recommended)
The movie was written and produced by Greek Bookcrossers. Hope you enjoy it!

If PM's aren't working, contact me at (my BC user name) with "BC" or "Bookcrossing" in the Subject: line.

Quoting from the forums:
"I don't need bells and whistles--just a site that can function for ALL users,
so that we can truly create a world-wide library."" target=_new>okyrhoe's literature map

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