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From Beuningen, Gelderland Netherlands
Age 54
Joined Tuesday, November 28, 2006
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nov 1st 2008
and now also my time has come to warn you all... recently I have been given a big box of books (all dutch) to release... so none of these books are my own choice, and I have not read any of them... I will mark these in the journal entry as well and make them available, until I have found a nice spot to wild release them... if you are interested in one(some) of them or know of a nice spot, please feel free to contact me!!!


needless to say here that I love books :) but it is true, I like to read!!!
I also like music, I like to travel and play games... all sort of games like boardgames, cardgames, mahjong, but basically I like games I can play with friends and have fun!!! but I also like to solve puzzles either the brainteaser kinds were you have to fit a lot of odd shapes in a box or the take apart kind, or the sudoku kind of puzzles...

Before I discovered bookcrossing I would, while traveling, buy books and either trade them in second hand bookshops for other books or just leave them behind in hotels... but since discovering bookcrossing, I can leave them behind and still hope to find out where the book goes, and who's enjoying them.

too bad I cannot track all the old books I've left everywhere :(

a while ago(sept 2007) I've discovered I can read ebooks on my mobile phone... this is really amazing!!! now I always have books (yes plural) with me where-ever I go, without the need to carry a big bag :)

did you find one of my books???
hurray!!! please make a journal entry and tell me where you've found it... you may remain anonymous if you want
I hope you'll enjoy the book and afterwards you may do with it whatever you want, read it, keep it, give it away or release it again... really whatever you want... just leave a journal entry to tell me

reading at the moment:
for the moment I'm giving up on "the reading at the moment"... it seems I cannot find the time to update this fast enough... I'm always behind :(

some time ago during the time leading up to the elffantasy fair, I was browsing on their website and found a dutch writer I did not know of(Thomas Olde Heuvelt)… I think you need to support the local(Nijmegen is close to my home) talents so I bought one of his books(PhantasAmnesia), but did not expect much of it, because I usually do not like the style and storylines of dutch writers… but this was a very nice surprise!!! I really liked his writing style and also the story was well built
so I decided to turn this one into a ringbook… it is a dutch book and quite big… so I guess it will be a dutch ring
see journal (in dutch) for details

these are the countries my books(books registered by me) have travelled to, since joining bookcrossing: width="440" height="220" >
Brazil, Suriname
Costa Rica, Aruba, Cuba
the Netherlands, Great Brittain, France, Finland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Portugal
Taiwan, Japan, China, HongKong, United Arab Emirates
Tunesia, Egypt
United States, Canada

bold = received journal entry
xxx = journal entry of a wild release

I've found some nice labels here
labels made by other bookcrossers

Bookrings/rays I've joined:
surprise bookring started by cat02886 *sent to next participant*
Valhalla, by TomHolt started by mefeather *read and sent to next participant*
The five people you meet in heaven I have asked jazz-ee2 to be skipped
Metro Girl, by Janet Evanovich started by snowy652 book has never reached me, probably lost in the mail

neocounter started: jan 5th 2008" width="250px" height="250px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" />

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