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Have always loved books, started with ladybird (Favourite aged 3 was Mick the Disobedient Puppy); in childhood read parts of Encycopaedias or cereal packets as well - thirsty to read. Hate seeing my imagined characters portrayed differently. Had to reduce reading when children were small as the house could have burnt down around me when engrossed in a book, and on the whole now still read more non-fiction; I tend not to get so embroiled in their pages. Children and grandchildren have inherited love of reading; younger daughter who is a journalist does a lot of book reviews, especially for Heat magazine. She can read really quickly - even more so than I. Elder daughter fell in love with 'the Secret Garden' aged about 6 yrs and I found her reading it in bed at 2 am as she could not put it down. Have 6 large bookcases and a dressing room lined with bookshelves. Removal men hate us! Need to declutter a little now. Semi retired after 33 years of teaching. Please don't be put off by the fact so many of the early books I am registering are Maths based!

Read Dear Stranger Dear Friend and decided to make it my first book ring - a difficult subject so it has had a halting start - see journal entries here

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