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My list of special recommendations. I've seen lots of lists of favorites, which is fun of course, but on the other hand if anyone is even the least interested in Harry Potter, or Discworld, or any other well-known book or series, he or she will no doubt have heard about it long ago, and found plenty of info to make up his or her mind about reading it. But there are also some books that aren't quite as well-known, or may be overlooked for various reasons, and those I want to bring to your attention.

-Michael Hoeye, Hermux Tantamoq -Time stops for no mouse. This is a children's book, bought it on sale to release, but I don't think it's gonna go anywhere :) It has great descriptions and Hermux is a very likable character. Many adults might overlook it, especially if they don't have children of their own, but it's quite nice if you like good story-telling. (Btw, I read the Dutch copy 'Tijd stopt niet voor muizen')

-Alles van Peter Schaap. Even verder in het Nederlands want dit is een Nederlandse schrijver, helaas niet of nauwelijks vertaald naar mijn weten. Ik heb eerst zijn Prehistorische fantasies gelezen, die interesseerden me natuurlijk in het bijzonder omdat ik daar met m'n werk ook veel mee te maken heb. Maar ook zijn boeken die in andere tijden spelen, of helemaal fantasies zijn, zijn zeer de moeite waard. Peter Schaap is een heel boeiende verteller, of zijn verhalen nu in de ene of de andere tijd spelen, of zelfs in een heel andere wereld.

-Terry Pratchett's 'Johnny' series. Another series written for a younger audience that adult Pratchett fans might be inclined to overlook. Well, don't, for you'll be missing something.

-Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Almost everyone has at least heard of the Hitchhiker's Guide, of course, however I'd like to point out Adams has written more. :)

Last of all, here is a small picture I made to add to the journal entry when a ringbook has been stranded. Unfortunately my very first ring got stuck some place .
(Oops, lost it, will have to find it on my old computer some day).

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