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From Chicago, Illinois USA
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I blog about books and other things literary at Reading My Life Away. Drop by for a visit!

There is never enough bookshelf space in my house! See my bookshelves on, and note the piles of books on the floor!

The year I turned 55, I released 55 books during the week beginning July 12th. Each has, in addition to a regular BookCrossing label, a special "Mojosmom Birthday Release" label, and is so designated in the release notes.

Best thing I ever did when I moved to my new place was have floor-to-ceiling bookcases built in my study (it's not as grand as it sounds, but I love it - thanks to these guys: 57th Street Bookcases).

My collection tends toward literature, with a hefty helping of art & architecture, textiles, Japanese art, travel, history, and books on books. Actually, I'll read just about anything, if it's well-written. I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with several good used and independent bookstores.

What else? I love opera, jazz,early music, and theater; fortunately, we have plenty of all in Chicago.

My books at


Any book marked PC is part of my private collection and is NOT available for trades, rings, rays, RABCKs. Don't even ask. I don't like to say, "NO", but I will.

AVL means that I have finished reading a book and have no specific plans for it.

A TBR book is just that - to be read. I'll decide after I read it whether it will be part of my personal collection, reserved for someone else, or released in the wild. (The exception is that a ring/ray book will automatically become RES when I have finished it.)

RES means that I have a specific release planned for the book.

A Note About Ratings
I do not use the numerical index to rate books. Therefore, if you see a rating on any book on my shelf, it is the average of ratings set by other journallers. If you want to know what I think of a book, read my journal entries.

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