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ATTENTION PLEASE: Change of address. PM me before sending anything please!
ATTENZIONE PREGO: Cambio di indirizzo. Mandatemi un messaggio prima di spedire qualsiasi cosa.

I love hunting for, buying, reading, touching, smelling and seeing books pile up on my bookcrossing is a kind of habit I'll have to learn. But I even more love the idea of a book travelling around the world, being hunted and found by other curious hands, and finding its way in more people's hearts.
Also, I know that my wishlist of books to read is so long that I'll never get round to buy & keep all of them.....and libraries here aren't enough to satisfy my hunger. So bookcrossing comes very handy!
I like so many different kinds of books, literature, poetry, science fiction, horror, music, etc... I usually fall in love with an author and end up reading everything by him/her... My biggest loves in no special order: Jeanette Winterson, Ursula LeGuin, Salman Rushdie, Dave Eggers, Laurell K. Hamilton, Ray Bradbury, Emily Dickinson, Fedor Dostoevskij, Neil Gaiman, Virginia Woolf....

I'm willing to trade all over the world, so PM me if you see anything you like in my Available list.

I keep my wishlist here in up to date. I also have a wishlist at Cliff's great site (thanks for your work!) but that might not be up to date.
I also added my address to RABCK.COM. Thanks to them as well! PLEASE NOTE that I always keep my address (and wishes) up to date!

You can also find me and regular updates about my readings on GoodReads

PM me to join my International bookrings:
NEW!!! : Now and Forever by Ray Bradbury Ring OPEN
(White Teeth by Zadie Smith RING CLOSED)
(A Medicine for Melancholy by Ray Bradbury RING CLOSED)
(Hotel World by Ali Smith RING CLOSED)

I list my bookrings at" target="_blank">The Bookring Directory! Great website!

Vita di Emily Dickinson. L'alfabeto dell'estasi - Barbara Lanati DISPERSO
I bambini sono tornati - Chiara Palazzolo CHIUSO E TORNATO A CASA!
E inoltre i ring de LA SAGA DI MIRTA - Chiara Palazzolo:
1) Non mi uccidere CHIUSO E TORNATO A CASA!
2) Strappami il cuore CHIUSO E TORNATO A CASA!
3) Ti porterò nel sangue CHIUSO E TORNATO A CASA!
NUOVO! Biscotti ai mirtilli di Christina B. Assouad Ring APERTO

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P.S.: and yes, I DO love penguins! ;) (and I've loved them way before reading my first Anita Blake novel! ;) )

What kind of bookcrosser are you
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They come and come. Ringbooks come in herds, that's what you say! You made a basket on your mail box, otherwise the frontdoor woldn't open when you return from work. You know your postman by christian name.

What kind of bookcrosser are you
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