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Helpful Services for Seniors who Live at Home
Many seniors want to continue to live at home as long as possible. It is comforting to stay at home and age where you spent most of your adult life. There are a number of services designed just to make this possible. The different services are there to provide different levels of care and assistance to seniors who may need help but want to keep living at home.

Meal Delivery Services

Meals on Wheels is one of the most well-known meal delivery services. There are a number of community services that will deliver meals on a regular basis to senior citizens or other individuals that are not able to leave their home due to mobility issues. This service is also helpful since it provides a regular check in and a personal connection with other people throughout the week.

Chore and Household Assistance

In addition to hiring your own housekeeper, there are services available for seniors through your community that will come in and do basic cleaning and household chores. In order to qualify for these services, you may need to meet specific income requirements. This service may also be able to complete your weekly grocery shopping and help with other errands. In order to learn what is available in your community, you should contact your county department of social services.

Medical Monitoring Service

A medical monitoring service makes it easy to contact an emergency service center if you were to fall or have another medical emergency. The service can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind of having help readily available while give you the independence that you want.

Friendly Visitors

Isolation and loneliness can lead to a serious health decline. It can lead to depression and may leave many seniors feeling like they are forgotten and that no one cares for them. There are many organizations that can arrange visitors to stop in and spend time with a housebound senior. These volunteers may read aloud, play games or just spend time talking with the person they are visiting.

Respite Care

Another available service is respite care. This is a service that is available to help caregivers that may be doing more of the daily care and tasks for patients that may have to stay in bed or who have dementia. You can schedule respite care for a specific length of time and they will come take care of your family member to give the caregiver a break. This will help the caregiver to help to continue to give care in the long-term.


Public transportation can help you get around safely. Some communities have buses or vans that you can schedule to come pick you up to take you to doctor’s appointments or other places within your community. These services can make traveling easier and give you the opportunity to continue to stay at home and keep your independence. Often you will need to meet specific requirements like age or disability to qualify for the door to door service.

Hospice Care

Your local hospice may be able to help you in the last months of your life. In order to qualify for hospice, you must meet specific health requirements and need basic nursing and CNA care. Hospice care is palliative care and is end of life care that is focused on keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. Many hospices also offer support for the family including counseling, respite care, and support groups. Many people wait until the very end to contact hospice, but the services can help you avoid long hospital stays and allow you to be at home where you are the most comfortable.

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