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I got here because I am looking for the short stories of Frank Herbert that have not appeared in any of the collections.
See also my wishlist.
If you have any, and can exchange, lend or photocopy them, I would love to hear from you.


Du kommst mich besuchen? Dass ist nett. Ich wohne aber mitlerweile in Gross Britannien.

Please come and visit me. It's called Homecrossing and was invented in Germany.

My open book rings, you can still join:
International: Gyn/Ecology, the metaethics of radical feminism, Mary Daly
International: Virtual bookring for Earthdance by Elisabet Sahtouris
International: The female eunuch, Germaine Greer

Nederlandse boekendoos, Nederlanders & Vlamingen

My reading goal for the next 100 years or so is to read the books from the resources sections from Ecovillage Design Education Curriculum.

About my book ratings:
Initially I rated books the way secondary school tests are rated in The Netherlands: 10 is perfect, 7 is good, 5 is poor, and 1 is abominable. But because of course I preselect my books to what I think I'll like and have gotten fairly good at that (or, if you will, that I'm not all that adventurous , or because I read slowly and there are so many good books), that led to my giving a large proportion of my books a 7. So at first I decided to be a bit more critical and give some books a 4 or 3. But then after a year or so of doing that Frakke-Per noted that I still gave about half of my books a 7. So, to keep myself from working too much during the Christmas holidays, I tried to do it right this time. Right to me seems to be the Gauss curve, where most books are in the middle, with a few very good books and a few very bad books (by my subjective standards). Unfortunately, though I tried to give a book that is fairly typical among the sample of books that I read (and thus better than a typical book among the sample of books that get published) a 5.5, I haven't quite succeeded yet:" WIDTH="200">. This has the unsatisfactory implication that there are 2 books that should have gotten an 11. As I dislike the Platonic concept of an ideal that is more real than anything we can find in the here and now (which I dislike so much because it is so closely tied to the advertisement industry that tries to tell us that we should be unsatisfied with our looks, weight, possessions and buy, buy, buy) that I hope to correct this ... but not just now.

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