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Αν έφτασες ως εδώ και θέλεις να μου στείλεις ένα pm ή κάτι μη το κάνεις! Προτίμησε ένα mail στο mafaldaqu @ gmail [dot] com. Ετσι παίζει να το πάρω!

No pms please. I don't trust them as many things in the new site. Send me an email at mafaldaqu @ gmail [dot] com and I will reply!


I am supposed to be a graphic Designer but I always wanted to be an architect!
Friends and people that love me try to make me feel better by finding resemblances like both have structure and both need vision and discipline.

But I have found the solution to my unfulfilled dream by thinking that I am an architect of type.

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Me and Books

Since I was the last child of an “adult” family I found my coeval friends in books in an early stage of my life.

I entered the world of comics due to misapprehension that took place during high school and I think that I am trapped there since then.

I practically read everything depending on my mood. One of the major occupational hazards is the fact that I am strongly attracted by covers.

My wishlist

Well I am into crafts for 3-4 years now and I am always looking for craft books and magazines more than all the others. Thus if you are so willing to RABCK me please have a look here and if all that books are not enough for you, just surprise me!

Me and love

I love almost all forms of applied and visual arts.
Photography especially when it comes to everyday portraits.
Painting as an experiment of materials and time.
Calligraphy as the best antidepressant craft.
Illustration especially when it makes the best use of color
Design as the language of every shape and form.

I love everything that has the power to generate a smile at the most foggy day.

I love to be submitted to multicultural experiences that evolve people.

Me and bookcrossing

Excited like a child that has been promised to go for a jaunt!
The same feeling! I don’t know where I am supposed to go and what to do first!

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