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As different BookCrossers use their bookshelves in different ways, let me start by saying that I am only registering books that have been read by me and that I intend to release - in whatever manner. I am quite happy to trade, RABCK or otherwise.
Please be aware though that the books do not necessarily reflect my personal tastes. I'm trying to thin out my physical bookshelf by reading and releasing all those books that have never taken my fancy and have just sat there for years without being read!
I am a sucker for free gifts so you will no doubt see quite a few romances appearing below as they seem to be a common giveaway!

I completed a Literacy Volunteer Training course a while ago, which enables me to go into local schools to listen one-on-one to children reading.
I asked the trainer - a deputy headteacher - if she had heard of BookCrossing and whether she thought the concept could encourage the schoolchildren to read more. She hadn't heard of it but seemed very interested so I gave her an A4 information flyer and 2 books - The Horse From Black Loch and The Wishing Tree to start her off!
I was concerned that some of the kids might use it as an excuse to graffiti all books but I daresay that's a small risk...

I have released 6 books into the wild so far and have just had my first one caught and journalled :)
The finder chose to remain anonymous but here's hoping she may be recruited once she's finished the book!
I have also made 4 controlled releases - other than those given to the Deputy Head as listed above - and Lukutoukka journalled one straight away and -Dude- made his journal upon completion of reading. Thank you both! :)

I made my first controlled release by trading a book with Lukutoukka and received The Nanny Diaries in return.

I have once again moved across the country and my books are still all packed in boxes - and I still don't have a replacement for my floor-to-ceiling bookcase (sob) - but I am just starting to release some books that I have read in between moves.


Digital Fortress by Dan Brown - I looked forward to this after hearing all the hype about his books. This was the first book of his I read and, I must say, I was very disappointed. I could see what was coming next and knew the ending way too early! I kept reading as I thought there must be some twist coming, but there never was. Major disappointment.
The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley - Have had this book since I was a small child and, as I couldn't remember much about it, I re-read it. Boy, was Charles Kingsley on something when he wrote this! Bizarre tale about morality but still rather absorbing for all it's oddness.
Cannot bring myself to part with this one as it's a gorgeous edition that's as old as I am!
Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub - I learned that this is a follow-on to The Talisman but it doesn't feel like a sequel so don't be put off if you haven't read the latter. I haven't and really enjoyed this slightly disturbing, fantastical tale. It was only on loan from my step-dad so can't R+R it unfortunately. (He's yet to be initiated to the joys of BCing!)

TexasWren's site - full of info on how to jazz up your BC bookshelf and other BC FAQs
Cliff1976's site - where you can make a list of your wishes and, who knows, someone may fulfill them for you! (must get round to doing this one day...!!)
Colour Codes - to colour your text in jazzy web-safe colours

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